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Video Sundays: The Modern Charade Continued, Video Games Edition

Last month (with Jerry Lewis and Michelangelo Antonioni) we noted the art cinema trope (#2301 for those counting) of characters learning to live in the modern world by accepting and taking part in an imaginary charade.

Now, in 2009, we begin to see a video games developing a similar theme to an extreme degree. The difference with video games is that it is no longer just the protagonist of the medium that has to take part, but the actual user/spectator as well!

Thanks to Kurt Shulenberger, author of the excellent video games blog Bliterations, for directing me to the Natal/Peter Molyneux demo.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the amazing technology on display here, I am very creeped out.
Errr this is kind of… scary.
What will Milo evolve to? I fear that we will no longer be able to communicate with real beings and some of us may just restrict ourselves to the companionship of technology and thus ourselves. I’m also creeped it. So unnatural.
Knowing Molyneux’s history with Black & White it will be interesting to see how unflinching/thorough the tech is when it comes to the kid’s inevitable abuse. The mute ape/lion was disturbing enough after you beat it, or let it starve for whatever reason.

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