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Watch Films from the Rome Independent Film Festival for Free!

Free shorts from exciting new talents.

We're partnering with the Rome Independent Film Festival, running through April 20 (site), to present — for free! — a selection of films from this year's lineup.

Alessandro D'Ambrosi and Santa De Santis's Nostos tracks the surreal journey of a young Italian soldier who deserts in 1943.

Elisa Resinaro says her short MyShoes "aims at mixing the fast paced language of thriller movies with the sweet-sour tones of a true melodramatic fiction."

In Nicolò Mazza de Piccioli's Notizie da Godot, a young screenwriter celebrates with friends as one of his films heads to Cannes.

All three of the above films are viewable worldwide, but you'll have to be in Europe to watch Daniele Sartori's Doris Ortiz in which a man of the cloth pursues two surreal clowns through the night.

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