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We Won a Webby!

It was an honor to be nominated for a Webby in the category "Movie and Film" alongside District 9, this year's People's Choice Winner,, the Institute for Human Continuity and the National Film Board of Canada's — but to have actually won! Wow. Thank you, International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences!

We'd also like to extend our congratulations to Roger Ebert, who's been named Webby Person of the Year. From the citation: "In addition to his film criticism, which remains as eloquent as ever, his online journal has raised the bar for the level of poignancy, thoughtfulness and critique one can achieve on the Web, while at the same time shining a light on the most important issues facing journalism as it relates to the Internet itself. Ebert's insights — be they in film, online media, journalism or life — and his unparalleled level of engagement with followers and fans — has made the Internet a more thoughtful, engaging and self-aware environment."

Well-deserved. Congratulations to The Auteurs team!
You’ve made yourselves indispensable and should get an award a week. But this one will do! Congratulations, Auteurs!
Ebert? Whatever. I’d take Kasman any day.
Yayayayay! Go Kasman!
Congratulations. Well done. New membership here is now going to spike, like a bull market.
Congratulations, indeed, but this was no surprise – you’ve created a wonderful collective that binds the films, the tech, film history, new writings and a social component together. I deeply hope that you’ve come to stay. You’ve taken a whole world of cinephilia by storm (which the web was sort of built for), and I can’t wait for the future of The Auteurs.
This is awesome & well deserved. Great stuff.
Thanks for all the thanks guys, we couldn’t do it without our fabulous community!
I basically hate awards, but this one is well-deserved! Let me add that David Hudson and his genial, well-rounded round-ups put you over the top.
A fitting award for a fitting outfit like The Auteurs! Let’s keep it up!
Well deserved and glad I could help.
Congratulations. You all deserve. I vote for your site.

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