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Weekly Rushes. 9 December 2015

The "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" sequel trailer, a tour of Kodak, a video countdown of 2015's best, Cahiers du Cinéma on "Star Wars."
Rushes collects news, articles, images, videos and more for a weekly roundup of essential items from the world of film.

Trailer for Yuen Woo-ping's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sequel
  • Best known as an action coordinator, Yuen Woo-ping also has an extensive and often very good career as a director. Having previously choreographed the martial arts of Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, he has been bumped up to the director's chair for the film's sequel, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.
The Coen Brothers' Hail Caesar! Opens Berlinale 2016
  • The Coens' much-anticipated Hollywood kidnapping caper will open the Berlin International Film Festival next February.
70mm, The Hateful Eight and The Weinstein Company
  • Deadline Hollywood has a fascinating article on just what exactly The Weinstein Company did to make sure Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight could screen around the US in 70mm. Among many interesting factoids is the note that The Weinstein Company "currently [owns] 60-70% of the world’s current supply of 70MM projectors — in total 120 projectors..."
Video Countdown of 2015's Best Films
  • Rolling Stone critic David Ehrlich has released the 2015 version of his popular video countdown of his favorite films of the year. Be warned: there are spoilers for Christian Petzold's (excellent) Phoenix within!
Orson Welles in The New Yorker, Bulle Ogier in Film Comment
  • Alex Ross has a wonderful profile on the great director in the latest issue of the magazine.
  • Meanwhile, in Film Comment, Christopher Small talks to French actress Bulle Ogier about her career, including her collaboration with director Jacques Rivette, subject of a double feature program at the Film Society of Lincoln Center pairing his films with those of David Lynch.
Put The Girl in Danger!
“The distance between the station and the train was accurately measured,” she said, and she had practiced the jump several times while the train was standing still. But for the shot, the train would be picking up speed for about a quarter of a mile. “I was not nervous as it approached and I leaped without hesitation,” she recalled. She landed safely, but the rocking motion of the train rolled her straight toward the end of the car. Just before being pitched off, “I caught hold of an air vent and hung on.” Then, with a sense of the dramatic, Gibson let her body “dangle over the edge to increase the effect on the screen.”
  • That excerpt is from Mollie Gregory's New Republic article extracted from her new book dedicated to Hollywood's stuntwomen.
A Private Tour of Kodak
  • Tantalizing for film technology geeks, Chris Marquardt got access to the Kodak Technology Vault in a personal tour by technical curator Todd Gustavson.
Cahiers du Cinéma on Star Wars
"Everything is and is intended to be deliberately abstract, presenting itself as principle, postulate and conventional indicator and never the motor, dynamic force or launching pad of fiction."
New Cineaste
  • A new issue of Cineaste has hit newsstands, with some articles and web exclusives currently available online, including Richard Porton on the Locarno Film Festival, and Marco Abel's interview with German director Christoph Hochhäusler.
What To Do With Paratext
  • Based on his experiences that the Toronto International Film Festival, Girish Shambu is asking questions of himself, two specific films, and cinema in general about "paratexts":
" experience of these films would have been unimaginably impoverished without my extended encounter with all this artist-provided background – and the resulting knowledge about how these works need to be approached."
Happy Holidays, Deborah Kerr
  • The great English star of Black Narcissus, An Affair to Remember and Bonjour Tristesse in the 1950s celebrating Christmas.
New Kaurismäki
  • Five years after Le Havre, we may get a new film from the great Finnish master. Cineuropa reports his next production, currently called Refugee, will join that 2011 film as part of a trilogy on port cities. It will begin shooting in 2016 with a 2017 release date in mind.
Melissa Anderson to Village Voice
  • The once hallowed and now beleaguered film section of the Village Voice is about to get a tremendous boost: it's been announced that Melissa Anderson has been named its senior film critic.
Rosenbaum on Schindler's List, Raúl Ruiz, Real Sex
City of Pirates
"But candor compels me to admit that Schindler’s List not only made me blubber helplessly both times I saw it, once before and once after reading Thomas Keneally’s fascinating nonfiction novel; it has also, though I have some misgivings, won my gratitude and respect."
First Look 2016
  • New York's Museum of the Moving Image has announced the lineup for its always much-needed wintertime festival of eccentric art-house premieres. Among 2016's selection are Notebook favorites Aleksandr Sokurov's Francofonia, films by Björn Kämmerer, and João Bénard da Costa—Others Will Love the Things I Have Loved.
Buster Keaton x iPhone x iPad x Vine

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