Weekly Rushes. Garrel as Godard, Hand-Painted Kung Fu, Herzog's Internet, Shyamalan's Next

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  • Despite some bumps, we continue to be champions of M. Night Shyamalan. The trailer for his latest, Split, seems to be made in the same lower budget style that inspired his last—and excellent—thriller, the horror-comedy The Visit.
  • The French, as so often is the case, recognizing genius before many of the rest of us, have restored Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls and given it a delirious new trailer.
  • We can't say we recommend this ridiculous thing; it's more like...would you look at that! A new film from once-maverick 5th generation cinematographer-turned-director Zhang Yimou starring Matt Damon as a white man who battles monsters on the Great Wall of China.
Perhaps Herzog could shoot a series of online shorts for NetScout, demonstrating how much we depend on the Internet and the catastrophes its destruction—or even its interruption—might unleash?

This, it turns out, was an apt pitch for Herzog, who has described civilization as a thin layer of ice atop a roiling, chaotic ocean.
Joy and life and more life and more joy and street corners and making a garden out of stones and making films and love.
Starting in about 1985, and continuing until just before the millennium, there existed a ‘Golden Age’ of hand-painted, imagination-driven movie posters in Ghana. This was a time when market forces from abroad were minimal and these unique and exotic paintings were created solely for the local Ghanaian movie-viewing audience. The best and brightest artists of a generation competed fiercely and directly in the public eye to produce this exciting new work, being careful to sign and date the great majority of their paintings. Their hand-made artistry stood its ground against the inevitable tide of printing technology that globalization thrust upon them, and for a short while, they carved out a small oasis in time, where man actually won out over machines.
  • Louis Garrel as Jean-Luc Godard on the set of Michel Hazanavicius's Redoutable.


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