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Cannes Film Festival

  1. Vegas'da korku ve nefret

    Vegas'da korku ve nefret

  2. Sölen


  3. Happiness
    FIPRESCI Prize


  4. The Idiots

    The Idiots

  5. Sonsuzluk ve Bir Gün

    Sonsuzluk ve Bir Gün

  6. Dark City

    Dark City

  7. I Stand Alone
  8. The Hole
    FIPRESCI Prize

    The Hole

  9. 32 Ağustos, Dünya

    32 Ağustos, Dünya

  10. Velvet Goldmine
    Best Artistic Contribution

    Velvet Goldmine

  11. Sitcom


  12. April


  13. Flowers of Shanghai

    Flowers of Shanghai

  14. Hrustalyov, Arabami Getir!

    Hrustalyov, Arabami Getir!

  15. Meleklerin düş yaşamı
    Best Actress

    Meleklerin düş yaşamı

  16. Benim adim Joe
    Best Actor

    Benim adim Joe

  17. The Apple

    The Apple

  18. Son Gece
    Award of the Youth (Foreign Film)

    Son Gece

  19. Of Freaks and Men

    Of Freaks and Men

  20. Gasman
    Best Short Film


  21. The Mutants

    The Mutants

  22. The Power of Kangwon Province

    The Power of Kangwon Province

  23. High Art

    High Art

  24. Anxiety


  25. West Beirut
    François Chalais Award

    West Beirut

  26. Love Is the Devil

    Love Is the Devil

  27. Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train

    Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train

  28. The Rose Seller

    The Rose Seller

  29. Places in Cities

    Places in Cities

  30. Life on Earth

    Life on Earth

  31. Slums of Beverly Hills

    Slums of Beverly Hills

  32. Dr. Akagi

    Dr. Akagi

  33. No Support

    No Support

  34. The General
    Best Director

    The General

  35. Tango
    Technical Grand Prize


  36. Tokyo Eyes

    Tokyo Eyes

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