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Life Won't Wait: Hugh Gibson's "The Stairs"

The Canadian filmmaker discusses his feature debut, a compassionate, unvarnished look at the lives of drug users in urban Toronto.

From the Dirt to the Gods: Virgil Vernier Discusses "Sophia Antipolis"

An interview with the French director about his psycho-geographical, state-of-the-nation survey centered on the eponymous business park.

Review: Living in a Material World—Jon M. Chu's "Crazy Rich Asians"

Jon M. Chu's landmark film glosses over questions of wealth and cultural identity for sake of spectacle.

The Altered States of "Djon África" According to Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra

A duo of Portuguese documentary filmmakers make the leap to fiction and feature-length in a loose and hypnotic journey of self-discovery.

Spirit of Change: Dominga Sotomayor Talks "Too Late to Die Young"

The winner of the Leopard for Best Director at Locarno joins us for a discussion of her striking new film, "Too Late to Die Young."

Olivier Godin Introduces His Film "The Art of Speech"

"I especially hoped to create a film filled with humor, a bit of action, gentleness, and a few songs."

Rushes. New Trailers, "Peppermint Soda" Revived, Pixelvision

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

Locarno 2018. Interfaces and Headspaces

Two films at the Locarno Festival tell their tales as if we're watching a computer screen's curated presentation of reality.

Guillaume Langlois Introduces His Film "Historytelling"

"It’s like a mirror we don’t want to look at or a story we refuse to hear."

Close-Up on Jacques Doillon's "The Little Gangster"

The desperate emotional need of a poor, fifteen-year-old nobody burns at the center of this holistic crime drama.

Waiting For the Hidden One: Eugène Green Discusses “How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal"

The director discusses his new "mini-film," devoted to the great Portuguese poet, advertising, and the fight to bring Coca-Cola to Portugal.

Queen Bee: Jodie Mack in Locarno

An interview with the American director about her feature debut, "The Grand Bizarre," a film of bombastic pleasures and much more.