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David di Donatello Ödülleri

  1. Paz!
  2. Burning in the Wind

    Burning in the Wind

  3. From Zero to Ten

    From Zero to Ten

  4. Amnèsia


  5. Amelie


  6. Tarafsiz bölge

    Tarafsiz bölge

  7. The Profession of Arms

    The Profession of Arms

  8. One Man Up

    One Man Up

  9. Light of My Eyes

    Light of My Eyes

  10. Santa Maradona
  11. Probably Love

    Probably Love

  12. Sons and Daughters
    Best Supporting Actress

    Sons and Daughters

  13. The Knights of the Quest

    The Knights of the Quest

  14. The Words of My Father

    The Words of My Father

  15. Vajont
  16. Sailing Home

    Sailing Home

  17. Red Moon

    Red Moon