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European Film Awards

  1. Toni Erdmann
  2. Elle
  3. Ben, Daniel Blake

    Ben, Daniel Blake

  4. Kabakçigin Hayati
    European Animated Feature Film

    Kabakçigin Hayati

  5. The Red Turtle

    The Red Turtle

  6. Julieta


  7. The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki
    European Discovery - Prix Fipresci

    The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki

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  8. Fire at Sea

    Fire at Sea

  9. Graduation


  10. Komün
  11. Like Crazy

    Like Crazy

  12. The Student
    European Composer

    The Student

  13. The Land of the Enlightened

    The Land of the Enlightened

  14. United States Of Love

    United States Of Love

  15. Florence Foster Jenkins

    Florence Foster Jenkins

  16. A Man Returned

    A Man Returned

  17. 21 x New York

    21 x New York

  18. Amalimbo


  19. Miss Impossible
    Young Audience Award

    Miss Impossible

  20. The Fullness of Time (Romance)

    The Fullness of Time (Romance)

  21. Limbo


  22. Home
  23. We All Love the Seashore

    We All Love the Seashore

  24. Liebmann


  25. The Lobster

    The Lobster

  26. Room
  27. Mustang


  28. Aferim!


  29. The Danish Girl

    The Danish Girl

  30. The Brand New Testament

    The Brand New Testament

  31. Mr. Gaga

    Mr. Gaga

  32. A Man Called Ove

    A Man Called Ove

  33. Land of Mine
  34. Suffragette
    European Production Designer


  35. Spectre


  36. A War

    A War

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