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Golden Horse Film Festivali

  1. Robinson's Crusoe

    Robinson's Crusoe

  2. Drop Me a Cat
    Best Art Direction

    Drop Me a Cat

  3. The Skywalk Is Gone

    The Skywalk Is Gone

  4. The Eye
  5. Chinese Odyssey 2002

    Chinese Odyssey 2002

  6. July Rhapsody
  7. Three
  8. My Left Eye Sees Ghosts

    My Left Eye Sees Ghosts

  9. Somewhere Over the Dreamland

    Somewhere Over the Dreamland

  10. Double Vision

    Double Vision

  11. Princess D
    Best Supporting Actor

    Princess D

  12. Let's Love Hong Kong

    Let's Love Hong Kong

  13. Inner Senses

    Inner Senses

  14. Hollywood Hong Kong

    Hollywood Hong Kong

  15. My Life as McDull
    Best Animation

    My Life as McDull

  16. The Best of Times

    The Best of Times

  17. Running Out of Time 2

    Running Out of Time 2