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National Society of Film Critics Awards

  1. Sölen
    Üçüncülük: Best Foreign Language Film


  2. Merkez istasyonu
    Üçüncülük: Best Actress

    Merkez istasyonu

  3. A Simple Plan
    Üçüncülük: Best Supporting Actor

    A Simple Plan

  4. High Art

    High Art

  5. Gods and Monsters
    İkincilik: Best Actor

    Gods and Monsters

  6. The General
  7. The Opposite of Sex
    Üçüncülük: Best Supporting Actress

    The Opposite of Sex

  8. Without Limits
    İkincilik: Best Supporting Actor

    Without Limits

  9. Havai Fişekler
    İkincilik: Best Foreign Language Film

    Havai Fişekler

  10. Little Dieter Needs to Fly
    Üçüncülük: Best Non-Fiction Film

    Little Dieter Needs to Fly

  11. Affliction


  12. Public Housing
    İkincilik: Best Non-Fiction Film

    Public Housing

  13. I Went Down
    Üçüncülük: Best Actor

    I Went Down