Ágnes Hranitzky fotoğrafı
Ágnes Hranitzky fotoğrafı

Ágnes Hranitzky

“The important thing is to know where not to cut.”

Gösterimdeki Filmler


    Béla Tarr, Ágnes Hranitzky Macaristan, 2011

    Béla Tarr has stated that this towering masterwork will likely be his final feature. If that does turn out to be the case, you couldn’t ask for a greater summation of his thematic and formal concerns. A work of staggering vision, The Turin Horse builds to a climax of ecstatic cinematic rapture.


    Béla Tarr Macaristan, 1994

    This exquisite restoration of Hungarian maestro Béla Tarr’s magnum opus has been a long time coming. Shot in languorous, extended takes and riven with mordant humour, Sátántangó is a pungent, Beckettian epic of the human condition. Don’t let the running time put you off, this is essential cinema.


    Béla Tarr Macaristan, 1988

    Six years before his magnum opus Sátántangó, Hungarian maestro Béla Tarr joined forces with writer László Krasznahorkai for this masterful cosmic burlesque. A noir-inflected tale of betrayal and revenge, Damnation is a perversely powerful plunge into the wretched depths of the human soul.





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