Jeremy Saulnier fotoğrafı
Jeremy Saulnier fotoğrafı

Jeremy Saulnier

“I wanted to do a visually-crafted movie. I wanted it to be very quiet, and very formal, and very classic in its aesthetic approach. And I hadn't been seeing these. I thought, where are the directors who know their lenses? There's so much of this handheld free-for-all. I got frustrated, then I thought, instead of me bitching and moaning about it, why not go and do something? Something that I can showcase for audiences, and see if they respond?”

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    Matthew Porterfield ABD, 2010

    Featuring the great pop star Sky Ferreira (!) in her acting debut (!!), this delicate portrait of disenchantment in a Baltimore suburb is told in a wandering form to give direct voice to the pulse and connection of a community. Putty Hill is remarkable distillation of a time, place, and feeling.

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