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Coffee and Cigarettes

Yönetmen Jim Jarmusch
ABD, Italya, 2003
Komedi, Drama, Antoloji


In this anthology of comic vignettes, unlikely pairs of celebrities sit down to talk about everything from Tesla coils to jukeboxes to long-lost relatives to the dentist. The conversations are separate in time and place, but they all have two things in common: coffee and cigarettes.

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Coffee and Cigarettes Yönetmen Jim Jarmusch

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The film is certainly less ambitious than Dead Man or Ghost Dog, though it’s by no means less personal. The main themes are the ethics of celebrity, the tensions and irritations that can arise between close friends and family members, and two Jarmusch standbys, shyness and loneliness. These themes and the recurring formal elements… give Coffee and Cigarettes an overall artistic coherence that’s far from common in current movies.
May 28, 2004
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