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Du côté d'Orouët

Yönetmen Jacques Rozier
Fransa, 1973


Being Rozier’s first direct-sound movie, its a movie in which three girls are on a summer vacation by the sea. Shot in 16 mm, especially attentive to the exteriors and the strong colors that marry the sea, the house, the youth of the girls and the boys. A sentimental chronicle as the days go by.

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Du côté d'Orouët Yönetmen Jacques Rozier

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Rozier builds elaborate set pieces from trivial premises—a bucket of eels, a set of wooden clogs—and creates an exquisite sequence around Kareen’s childhood recollections of the house. The romantic heart of the film is the creation of memories; as the characters wander into bittersweet adventures, they leave breadcrumb trails of instant nostalgia. With his blend of delicate understatement and raucous spontaneity, Rozier may be the most secretly influential director of the era.
February 09, 2015
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Whether or not a three hour movie can survive almost entirely on its fresh sensibility and excerpt-from-the-moment timeliness is another question, but the kind of honestly and directness of Du côté d’Orouët is rare enough to be celebrated in its own right.
April 21, 2008
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Neither Joëlle, Kareen, Caroline, and Gilbert (“Du côté d’Orouët”) nor Michel, Liliane, and Juliette (“Adieu Philippine”), neither Brigitte Bardot in “Paparazzi” nor the schoolboy in “Rentrée des classes” really feel like knowing what tomorrow will bring, though they may well feel that the beautiful (?) present is slipping out of their grasp. In Rozier, to rediscover the moment in its fullness and fragility, one must start by losing it, without any hope of returning.
November 01, 1996
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