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Hangman's House

Yönetmen John Ford
ABD, 1928
Drama, Sessiz


As “Hanging Judge” James O’Brien approaches death, he prepares for his daughter’s welfare by arranging her marriage to the wealthy John Darcy, whom she despises. Meanwhile, an exiled patriot named Hogan returns to Ireland to kill the man who caused his sister’s suicide. That man is Darcy.

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Hangman's House Yönetmen John Ford

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The Saint Stephen’s Day steeplechase, with its rhythmic crisscross of leaping horses (and a glimpse of the vibrant young John Wayne literally tearing into his ten-second cameo in the audience), is a little tour de force that finds its way into Marnie’s fox hunt. “A great yellow stain on the green of Ireland” finally goes up in black smoke, the heiress watches the pyre with a relieved smile, a climax reprised in many a vampire film.
January 01, 2010
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