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5.699 Puanlama


기생충 | Gisaengchoong

Yönetmen Bong Joon-ho
Güney Kore, 2019
Drama, Komedi, Gerilim


All unemployed, Ki-taek’s family takes peculiar interest in the wealthy and glamorous Parks for their livelihood until they get entangled in an unexpected incident.

Bu film şu anda MUBI'de gösterimde değil ama gösterimde olan 30 harika film var. Lütfen şimdi gösterimde sayfamızı ziyaret et.
Parazit Yönetmen Bong Joon-ho

Ödüller ve Festivaller

Cannes Film Festival

2019 | 1 ödül: Palme d'Or

Academy Awards

2020 | 4 ödül: Best Picture

2020 | 2 dalda aday: Best Film Editing

Independent Spirit Awards

2020 | 1 ödül: Best International Film

Its refusal to see out the contract of the blockbuster and deliver the world-saving (and audience-saving) plan offers a curious, welcome release for the audience, rich and poor alike: Parasite takes you into an abyss that is also your abyss but tells you that it will not deliver you.
February 13, 2020
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This year’s big [Oscar] winner, Parasite, confirms that the Academy’s basic history of film-industry acclamation has always been a matter of celebrityhood, mitigated by the memory of real glamour, and combined with airhead simple-mindedness.
February 10, 2020
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Denying that Bong’s work was leading to this galvanizing movie which has really shocked people into further questioning the wealth gap and understanding the precariousness of the urban underclass in an era of climate change was reactionary in some kind of new pop culture way.
February 07, 2020
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