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The Blackout

Yönetmen Abel Ferrara
ABD, Fransa, 1997
Drama, Gerilim, Suç


Dumped by his girlfriend (Béatrice Dalle) because of his excesses with alcohol and drugs, Matty (Matthew Modine), a Hollywood actor sick and tired of his life, spends a wild night with his friend Mickey (Dennis Hopper), remembering absolutely nothing the next day. Then nightmares start.

The Blackout Yönetmen Abel Ferrara

Eleştirmen yorumları

The film takes every conceivable risk. . . . On its release, the misunderstanding by critics was total. But The Blackout succeeds in its bold attempt to conjugate the genre film with the theoretical essay, inventing an alliance that weakens neither the accessibility of the former nor the exigency of the latter.
December 20, 2006

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