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Olmak Istedigim Yer

This Must Be the Place

Yönetmen Paolo Sorrentino
Italya, Fransa, 2011
Drama, Komedi


Cheyenne is a former rock star. At 50 he still dresses “Goth” and lives in Dublin off his royalties. The death of his father, with whom he wasn’t on speaking terms, brings him back to New York. He discovers his father had an obsession: to seek revenge for a humiliation he had suffered.

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Olmak Istedigim Yer Yönetmen Paolo Sorrentino

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  • El Biffo's rating of the film Olmak Istedigim Yer

    One of Sean Penn's best. Sorrentino is an amazing director, a director of films as poetry. The ending is brilliant.

  • mjgildea's rating of the film Olmak Istedigim Yer

    This Must Be the Place did such a good job misdirecting its audience from its shortcomings by inundating it with a subtle tital wave of random oddness. Penn plays a great Andy Warhol/Robert Smith hybrid, hunting a Nazi war criminal of all things. Good supporting cast and cameos. Definitely worth a watch.

  • MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Olmak Istedigim Yer

    As much as I admire Sorrentino - he is, by far, Italy's most interesting contemporary directors - this pastiche (The Ozzies, Tim Burton, Robert Smith, Jim Jarmusch etc.) is ALL OVER THE PLACE. The new age-style epiphanies that are supposed to give the film any substance undermine its very meanings. There is too much stuff here, Paolo. I miss the superb minimalism of "The Consequences of Love".Road movie cul-de-sac..

  • Juan's rating of the film Olmak Istedigim Yer

    I really wish this movie hadn’t been so damn aimless. Sean Penn does such a great job as Cheyenne, although it did get a little over-the-top once or twice. It’s gorgeously shot, sports good performances, and balances amusing and dramatic decently, but it really needed some major rewriting to get that script in order because it was just all over the place. The Talking Heads performance was wonderful.

  • Valu2009's rating of the film Olmak Istedigim Yer

    Sorrentino si fa troppe pippe inutili per far vedere quanto è bravo. Penn ogni tanto è irritante (mai quanto il pubblico ridanciano, per un momento ho pensato di essere tornato a vedere Zoolander) ma a tratti funzionicchia. Non è da buttare del tutto, l'ambientazione è notevole - e come potrebbe essere altrimenti, con quelle location? - e pure qualche dialogo. Mi ha ricordato, in peggio, Broken Flowers.

  • T. J. Harman's rating of the film Olmak Istedigim Yer

    If the central character/performance and plot weren't overtly "quirky", this would get the kind of critic attention Alexander Payne movies routinely get. It's got the pathos and small moments people overpraise Payne for in spades. People who don't like Penn or the story can't deny that the direction is beautiful. It's like (sorry..about namedrop analogize) a mix of Ashby, '80's Demme & Wenders, & 90s Cohen bros.

  • OFF_FRAME's rating of the film Olmak Istedigim Yer

    Incredibly refreshing film-making with this wonderfully weird and human road trip. Sean Penn proves he is absolutely fearless as a damaged man seeking to reconcile his past with his future and the cameo by Harry Dean Stanton in the desert dinner is a beautiful hat-tip to Paris Texas. The cinematography is outstanding as is the score. Lyrical, inventive and surprisingly profound. 4 stars

  • Mr.Rager's rating of the film Olmak Istedigim Yer

    This was a bit wired, especially just because Sean Penn wore some make-up and played a retired rockstar.But also the story was quite strange. It was kinda like a roadtrip movie in the 2nd half. In the same time something spiritual, finding yourself and some peace of mind. Maybe reconecting with the past, the family. I liked the ending and the whole thing was pretty ok. 6.75/10.Good directing,Paolo has a great eye.

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