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Movie Poster of the Week: Antonio Stella’s Top 10 Favorite Movie Posters

One of the best contemporary movie poster illustrators selects his all-time personal favorites.

The Paradoxes of F.J. Ossang

The films of the French writer, musician, and filmmaker at seem, at once, full and empty, a product of 1970s Punk Nihilism.

Review: Revolutionary Goals—Corneliu Porumboiu's "Infinite Football"

The Romanian New Wave director's new documentary is about a Gogolian petty bureaucrat who imagines reinventing the game of football.

A Lost Paradise: An Interview with Pordenone Silent Film Festival Artistic Director Jay Weissberg

The head of the world's biggest silent film festival discusses love for silent cinema, director John M. Stahl, and exciting new audiences.

Rushes. Lil Peep + Terrence Malick, Drone Ethics, Robert Pattinson Interviewed

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival 2018

England's northernmost town (population: 12,043) is not where you'd expect to find one of the U.K.'s most exciting film events.

Infinite Fest: Ever Get the Feeling You Have Not Been Cheated?

Cinephilia is a subculture—and we need to represent it that way. A reflection on visionary films and other encounters at fall festivals.

Tragic Spaces: The Later Films of Guru Dutt

The films of actor, producer, and director Guru Dutt continue to occupy an in-between space within the larger traditions of Indian cinema.

The Best of Movie Poster of the Day: Part 19

The latest round-up of the most popular posters on Movie Poster of the Day: now on Instagram.

The Glittering Film Festival City: The 20th Mumbai Film Festival

Mumbai is the home of a film festival that has brought films from outside the mainstream to cinema lovers in the city.

Resilience Shines On at BAMcinématek's "Women At Work" Series

Women's at-home labors and domesticity are the themes of the third "Women at Work" series, titled "The Domestic Is Not Free."

Time Heals All: The Radical Humanism and Aesthetic Bravery of "The Grief of Others"

What does it say about the current state of American cinema that filmmaker Patrick Wang’s brand of humanism could be considered radical?