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Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne Belçika, 2011

İzlemek için 29 gün
Cannes Kontrolü Ele

Breaking from tradition, two-time Palme d’Or winners Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne—who are back in Cannes this year with a new film—cast a star, Belgian actress Cécile de France, for this bright and buoyantly optimistic socially-conscious fairytale. Winner of the Cannes Film Festival’s Grand Prix.

Paranoid Park

Gus Van Sant ABD, 2007

İzlemek için 28 gün
Cannes Kontrolü Ele

Following Elephant and Last Days, Gus Van Sant returned to Cannes with this dreamlike tale of guilt and loneliness in suburbia. Shot by Christopher Doyle, the legendary DP best known for his work with Wong Kar-wai, Paranoid Park is a rare, haunting immersion into youth and its deluge of emotions.

Kimse Farketmiyor

Hirokazu Kore-eda Japonya, 2004

İzlemek için 27 gün
Cannes Kontrolü Ele

With Hirokazu Kore-eda taking home the top prize at Cannes last year, we thought it fitting to revive another of his prize-winning gems. A heartbreaking family drama, like Shoplifters it has the guts to expose a side of Japanese society little seen, yet crucially dramatizes it with great compassion.


Nadine Labaki Lübnan, 2007

İzlemek için 26 gün
Cannes Kontrolü Ele

Last year Lebanese director Nadine Labaki made quite a splash with her Cannes Jury Prize winner Capernaüm. Thus we rewind back to her debut film Caramel, a delightful mosaic of women’s lives. A triple threat: Labaki wrote, directed and starred in this charming ode to female friendship.


Lars von Trier Danimarka, 2009

İzlemek için 25 gün
Cannes Kontrolü Ele

With the Cannes Film Festival rolling out the red carpet this week, we offer an annual takeover series spotlighting recent Cannes favorites. First up is one of the most extreme cinematic provocations: Lars von Trier’s Antichrist. An endurance test for which Charlotte Gainsbourg won Best Actress.


Jorge Jácome Portekiz, 2017

İzlemek için 24 gün
Kısa ve Öz

Our next “Brief Encounter” comes from Portugal and transports us to a post-apocalyptic future as exuberant as it is melancholy. At under 30 minutes, this gorgeous, lilac-hued, poetic meditation on belonging sets out to counteract historical and political injustice with the untamed power of beauty.

Direnis Günlerinde Ask

Olivier Assayas Fransa, 2012

Concluding our retrospective of France’s post-punk auteur is this rear-view look at the aftermath of May 1968—a political moment which is of essence to much of Assayas’s cinema. Something in the Air is a poignant portrait of a generation in mourning, coming-of-age in the face of failed revolution.


Errol Morris ABD, 2010

İzlemek için 22 gün

The always innovative Errol Morris continues his pursuit of veracity in its many uncanny forms with this delirious story pulled straight from one of the originating gossip headlines. A tale of impassioned love or sexual exploitation? Tabloid considers the very nature, and absurdity, of truth.


Olivier Assayas Fransa, 2010

Intrepidly demythologizing the terrorist-celebrity Carlos the Jackal, Olivier Assayas’s political thriller is a stunning hybrid: disentangling complicated geopolitical ideas while skillfully steering a number of enthralling, action-packed set-pieces. And all to a dynamite punk 80s soundtrack!

The Game

Marine de Contes Fransa, 2018

İzlemek için 20 gün
Art of the Real

What are the rules of this game? What is its sense of reward? What are the origins of this ritual? We close our Art of the Real partnership with a hypnotic documentary that traces the elaborate process of wood pigeon hunting and illuminates the dying tradition’s sense of quietude and thrill.

Not Reconciled, Or Only Violence Helps Where Violence Rules

Jean-Marie Straub Bati Almanya, 1965

İzlemek için 19 gün

Almanya tarihinin 50 yılı, 50 dakika içerisinde Straub-Huillet’in eserine sığıyor. İkili daha çok yüzleştiren, cesur bir sinema düşüncesi içinde geleneksel hikaye anlatımını reddediyor. Zaman ve insanlar şimdiki zamanla geçmişi karşılıklı keşfetmek için sıralı dönemlerde parçalar halinde kalıyor.

No Data Plan

Miko Revereza ABD, 2019

İzlemek için 18 gün
Art of the Real

We continue our Art of the Real festival showcase with this achingly personal documentary about being an American. Filming his journey as he travels across the nation by train, Miko Revereza has made a profound diary film about identity, the land, citizenship, fear, and belonging in the Trump era.

Funeral Parade of Roses

Toshio Matsumoto Japonya, 1969

İzlemek için 17 gün
Art of the Real

The Art of the Real festival is spotlighting iconoclastic Japanese director Toshio Matsumoto, so we’re showing his unforgettably bold, brilliantly transgressive, and hugely influential first feature in new restoration. It is a rare and revelatory immersion into Japan’s 1960s queer and drag culture.


Olivier Assayas Fransa, 2006

İzlemek için 16 gün
The Parallel Worlds of
Olivier Assayas

A rarity in Assayas’ filmography, Noise finds the director, whose cinema has always been vividly linked to the ecstasies of pop music, turn his lens upon a hypnotic concert. Performances from Sonic Youth, Metric, Jeanne Balibar, and more align to compose a testament to the beauty of dissonance.


Olivier Assayas Fransa, 2002

Olivier Assayas’s demonlover burrows behind the gentle bourgeois milieu shown in his film Summer Hours to reveal the sinister grip global capitalism has on the world. A truly modern thriller, this provocative techno-noir is one of the director’s boldest films, a cult classic ahead of its time.

Yaz saati

Olivier Assayas Fransa, 2008

With his new film, Non-Fiction, in theaters, we’re spotlighting the films of Olivier Assayas. His cinema covers a diverse range of genres and milieus, collectively transforming modern anxieties into engrossing drama. In this wonderful, warm tale, family traditions are challenged by new attitudes.


Richard Linklater ABD, 2001

İzlemek için 13 gün

To reimagine a stage play as cinema, inventive American auteur Richard Linklater turned to shooting on video for its dynamic, tactile possibilities. The result is the fittingly titled Tape: an electric showdown between truth, memory, and the male ego inside the single locale of a hotel room.

Olga's House of Shame

Joseph P. Mawra ABD, 1964

İzlemek için 12 gün

Orijinal negatifi eksik Olga’s House of Shame’in restorasyon sürecinde hem görüntüyü hem de müziği yeniden canlandırmak için farklı kaynaklardan yararlanıldı. Parçalanmış bir film olan olağanüstü Olga, yine de otantikliğiyle hâlâ varlığını sürdürebiliyor.

While We Are Here

Clarissa Campolina, Luiz Pretti Brezilya, 2019

İzlemek için 11 gün
Art of the Real

We are proud to collaborate again with Film at Lincoln Center’s showcase of nonfiction filmmaking, Art of the Real. Our first film directly from the festival is a richly evocative, cross-cultural story of a relationship told in the epistolary spirit of Chris Marker and Chantal Akerman.

The Wild Frontier

Nicolas Klotz, Élisabeth Perceval Fransa, 2017

İzlemek için 10 gün

We are proud to launch an exclusive strand, Undiscovered, spotlighting adventurous films that push boundaries, with this compassionate documentary. It goes beyond the news reports and judgements to give the power of storytelling to those who rarely have a voice. An engrossing epic full of humanity.

Paris'te 2 gün

Julie Delpy Fransa, 2007

İzlemek için 9 gün

Julie Delpy directed, produced, starred, wrote, and composed the music for this delightful film on the endless challenges and incompatibilities of romance. Set on a decisive vacation, Delpy and Adam Goldberg’s unique chemistry alights the infectious scenario with irresistible charm and levity.

Bana Bak Philip

Alex Ross Perry ABD, 2014

İzlemek için 8 gün

With American indie director Alex Ross Perry’s Her Smell now in cinemas we’re reviving Perry’s brutally acerbic dark comedy. Jason Schwartzman, Elisabeth Moss, and Jonathan Pryce round out a stellar cast for a story that takes surprisingly, emotionally rich turns. Read our original review.


Ulrich Seidl Avusturya, 2007

İzlemek için 7 gün
What Is an Auteur?

An epic exposé of the relationship between Europe and countries to its east, Ulrich Seidl’s drama is an engrossing and provocative tale of humans, economies, and dreams. Rooted in real-world research and stunningly photographed by the great Ed Lachman, this is a global story told on a human scale.

Jesus, You Know

Ulrich Seidl Avusturya, 2003

İzlemek için 6 gün
What Is an Auteur?

Fluidly moving between fiction and docs, the films of Austria’s foremost director, Ulrich Seidl, are a cross between Erich von Stroheim’s sensuous anthropology and Herzog’s ecstatic blend of fact and imagination. This confrontative inquiry of Catholicism is a direct revelation of individual faith.


Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet Bati Almanya, 1963

İzlemek için 5 gün

Karı-koca sinemacılar Straub-Huillet retrospektifimize en bilinen filmleriyle başladık. Şimdi onların Heinrich Böll uyarlaması ilk filmi ile devam ediyoruz. Filmin akıllardan çıkmayan karmaşık hikayesi ve son derece modernist tarzı savaş sonrası acımasız Alman toplumunun dönüşümüne dair bir bakış.

Pressing On: The Letterpress Film

Erin Beckloff, Andrew P. Quinn ABD, 2016

İzlemek için 4 gün
The Unusual Subjects

Tüm parlaklığı ve kusursuzluğuyla; tipo baskı zanaati, dokunma duygusu ve makine güzelliği bu sevimli belgeselde ele alınıyor. İşleri azalan deneyimli profesyoneller ve bunu canlı tutmaya çalışan cesur öğrencilerle yapılmış hoş röportajlar bu dönüm noktasında kaçınılmaz bir durumu ele alıyor.

Silent Light

Carlos Reygadas Meksika, 2007

İzlemek için 3 gün
What Is an Auteur?

Reygadas proved himself one of the most controversial contemporary directors when he won the Jury Prize at Cannes in 2007 with this gorgeous remixing of Dreyer’s Ordet. Weaving the sacred and the profane, the holy and the damned, Silent Light is one of the great modern films on the subject of faith.

Battle in Heaven

Carlos Reygadas Meksika, 2005

İzlemek için 2 gün
What Is an Auteur?

Behold! Art cinema in all its grandeur. If you miss the glory days of lauded, grandiose artists making controversial films with spellbinding visual approaches and headline-grabbing, risqué content, look no further than Mexican visionary Carlos Reygadas and his sophomore vision Battle in Heaven.

Project Nim

James Marsh Birlesik Krallik, 2011

PDT gece yarısı ayrılacak
The Unusual Subjects

Winner of the Best World Cinema Documentary award at Sundance, Project Nim affectionately and humorously captures the story of the chimpanzee Nim. Mostly composed of interviews and home movies, the portrait of this experiment, both scientific and social, is as endearing as it is devastating.

Love Education

Sylvia Chang Çin, 2017

Ölmek üzere olan yaşlı bir kadın eski günlerdeki en mutlu anlarından bahsetmektedir. Kızı babasının mezarını annesinin mezarının olduğu yere taşımaya karar verir. Ancak yıllardır mezarla ilgilenmiş olan ilk eşi bunu kabul etmez.

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