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Anthony Harvey Birlesik Krallik, 1968

İzlemek için 29 gün

Uniting two generations of performers, Katherine Hepburn, Peter O’Toole, Anthony Hopkins, and Timothy Dalton, The Lion in Winter is an epic adaptation of the Shakespearean Broadway play of the same name. A fable of power and family written with electric wit and the utmost linguistic intelligence.

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Joseph Losey Birlesik Krallik, 1963

İzlemek için 28 gün
Outlaw Auteur: Joseph

Next in our retrospective of British films from exiled American auteur Joseph Losey is this psychosexual and psycho-social masterpiece. His first of many collaborations with Nobel Prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter, it stars Losey’s frequent muse Dirk Borgarde as a disrupter of British decorum.

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Joseph Losey Birlesik Krallik, 1960

İzlemek için 27 gün
Outlaw Auteur: Joseph

The first film in our retrospective dedicated to Joseph Losey, the American expat, blacklisted communist, and poet of wayward souls, is The Criminal. A complexly spun web of suspense and survival in a prison, this is a damning portrait of the cyclical contradictions in capitalist society. Essential.

From Its Mouth Came a River of High End Residential Appliances

Jon Wang Çin Hong Kong ÖYB, 2018

İzlemek için 26 gün
New York Film
Festival's Projections

New York Film Festival’inin Projeksiyon bölümüyle bu yıl yaptığımız iş birliğini Hong Kong şehir siluetine yolculukla sonlandırıyoruz. Mimarlığın hegemonya politikasına uyumu ve uyumsuzluğu üzerine yapılan bu araştırma, politik eleştirinin ve yansımanın sonucu oluşan cesurca kişisel bir kısa film.

Kaagaz Ke Phool

Guru Dutt Hindistan, 1959

İzlemek için 25 gün
Guru Dutt Restore

Guru Dutt’un yönetmenlik kariyerinin son işi Kaagaz Ke Phool çevreleri ve kariyerleri tarafından bölünen iki sanatçının aşkının hem en aydınlık hem de en karanlık köşelerine giren kapsamlı, romantik bir yolculuk. Dutt’un kişisel mirası, unutulmaz sinemasal bir önsezi-yanlış anlaşılmış bir başyapıt.

Blue Black Permanent

Margaret Tait Birlesik Krallik, 1992

İzlemek için 24 gün

Scottish filmmaker and poet Margaret Tait is one of the avant-garde’s best-kept secrets. We are delighted to unveil her only feature-length work, a palimpsest of dreams and memories, weaving her beloved Scottish landscapes and three generations of women through an audacious “Russian doll” structure.

Hayali Asklar

Xavier Dolan Kanada, 2010

İzlemek için 23 gün

For better or for worse, Xavier Dolan is one of the most divisive figures in contemporary cinema. That division partly started with this sophomore work, and for good reason: baroque emotions, ostentatious colors, and bracing romanticism—and from where we’re standing, this is ecstatic filmmaking.

9 Fingers

F.J. Ossang Fransa, 2017

İzlemek için 22 gün

Yeni filmiyle Locarno’da En İyi Yönetmen’i kazanan punk şair, müzisyen ve yönetmen F.J. Ossang’a adanmış yeni bir retrospektifi sunmaktan heyecanlıyız. Alman Dışavurumculuğu, gangster filmleri ve denizciliğe ait nükleer bir entrikanın eşsiz karışımı olan film ateşli bir anarşizmi serbest bırakıyor.

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Richard Lester ABD, 1973

İzlemek için 21 gün

Dumas’ classic novel has had many silver screen interpretations over the years, yet none are as rebelliously inventive with the text than this ’73 version by Richard Lester. Led by some of the finest actors of the era, this freewheeling adaptation is an adventure film of the highest order.

The Dead Nation

Radu Jude Romanya, 2017

İzlemek için 20 gün

Romanian auteur Radu Jude (director of our Special Discovery, Scarred Hearts) turns his inquisitive eye to the history of his country revealed through portraits. From seemingly innocuous photographs we find powerful traces of a historical rise in nationalism and anti-semitism. Never more timely.

Wishing Well

Sylvia Schedelbauer Almanya, 2018

İzlemek için 19 gün
New York Film
Festival's Projections

New York Film Festivali’nin Projeksiyon yan etkinliği ile ortak çalışmamızda Alman sinemacı Sylvia Schedelbauer’in çekici işini tekrar vitrine koyuyoruz. Uzay, renk ve bellek aracılığıyla bir yolculuğu sihirle ortaya çıkarmak için hipnotik ve uyutucu, titreşimli görüntüler tekniği kullanıyor.


Guru Dutt Hindistan, 1957

İzlemek için 18 gün
Guru Dutt Restore

Geleneksel karşıtı Guru Dutt’tan üç restore edilmiş film serimize Hint sinemasının başucu filmi Pyaasa ile başlıyoruz. Toplumca ihmal edilmiş, radikal işleri olan (Dutt’un kendisinin oynadığı) bir şair hakkındaki Pyaasa; aşk, sanat ve meydan okumanın duygusal tecrübeleri arasında yükseliyor.

Putty Hill

Matthew Porterfield ABD, 2010

İzlemek için 17 gün

Featuring the great pop star Sky Ferreira (!) in her acting debut (!!), this delicate portrait of disenchantment in a Baltimore suburb is told in a wandering form to give direct voice to the pulse and connection of a community. Putty Hill is remarkable distillation of a time, place, and feeling.

Our Children

Joachim Lafosse Belçika, 2012

İzlemek için 16 gün

Belgian auteur Joachim Lafosse directs this tragedy—based off of actual events—regarding the oppressive powers of familial bonds. Lead actress Émilie Dequenne deservedly took home the Un Certain Regard award for Best Actress from the Cannes Film Festival for her revelatory, bereaved turn. Riveting.

Giuseppe Makes a Movie

Adam Rifkin ABD, 2014

İzlemek için 15 gün
The Unusual Subjects

Focusing on the titular DIY auteur and his no-budget production in Ventura, California, Giueseppe Makes a Movie is an ecstatic plunge into ingenuity pairing with genius. The passion and community here is what the movies are all about—portraits of filmmaking don’t get any more inspiring than this.

Wild Guitar

Ray Dennis Steckler ABD, 1962

İzlemek için 14 gün

“A gorgeous new restoration from the original negative, this film had long been plagued by ghastly sound and multi-generation video copies. It can now be seen in its original carefully-shot B&W detail—L.A. architecture buffs will be thrilled by the rare views of the Sunset Strip in its heyday.” —NWR


Joe Dante ABD, 1981

İzlemek için 13 gün
Horrific October

Arriving the same year as American Werewolf in London, Joe Dante offered an entirely contrasting vision of horror with this story of a woman news anchor wrestling with the many complexities of trauma. Harmonizing campy wit and tangible dread, The Howling is a quintessential 80s horror film.

The Glass Note

Mary Helena Clark ABD, 2018

İzlemek için 12 gün
New York Film
Festival's Projections

Continuing our series of bold short films straight from their NYFF premiere is artist Mary Helena Clark’s surprising and gratifyingly unorthodox work that seeks disparate connections between voices, noises, and bodies from unexpected sources, provoking our sense of sound and image’s relationship.

Blind Mountain

Li Yang Çin, 2007

İzlemek için 11 gün

Following our Chinese independent documentary series comes this similarly politically impassioned reckoning with human trafficking in modern China. While not an easy watch, Li Yang’s film is a necessary, nuanced expression of dissent against the powers that be, guided by a remarkably humanist lens.

Two Horses of Genghis Khan

Byambasuren Davaa Almanya, 2009

İzlemek için 10 gün

Gracefully fusing documentary with fiction filmmaking, The Two Horses of Genghis Khan tracks a vocalist named Urna and her cathartic reconnection with the wealth of beauty contained in her homeland of Mongolia’s culture, society, and landscape in the shadow of the cultural revolution. Essential.

Kill List

Ben Wheatley Birlesik Krallik, 2011

İzlemek için 9 gün
Horrific October

Breaking all the rules, and boldly leaving behind conventions a lesser film may rigidly adhere to, Ben Wheatley & co-writer Amy Jump veer into violent horror with this, their sophomore feature: a spectacularly brutal, brilliant blend of the socio-realist and surreal. Brace yourself for Kill List!

Secret Sunshine

Lee Chang-dong Güney Kore, 2007

İzlemek için 8 gün

With the latest film from Lee Chang-dong, Burning, opening in cinemas today, we’re reviving one of the South Korean auteur’s very best. A tremendously moving melodrama of grief driven by a prizewinning performance by Jeon Do-yeon, it showcases Lee’s exceptionally humane and engrossing storytelling.


Kevin Jerome Everson ABD, 2005

İzlemek için 7 gün
Amerikan Malı: Kevin
Jerome Everson Sineması

We conclude our close-up on Everson’s distinctive work with his feature debut. Melding different registers and types of footage, an episodic, expansive view on black America emerges breathing with poetic and political pulse. A mysterious little girl is a leitmotiv, the chorus of this composition.

Adalar Sürgünü

Carol Reed Birlesik Krallik, 1952

İzlemek için 6 gün

If you know British director Carol Reed only for his classic mysteries like The Fallen Idol and The Third Man, you’re in for a treat with this brilliantly eccentric cult film—a favorite of Monte Hellman! Based on a novel by Joseph Conrad, it a feverish and sinister tale of tropical colonialism.

Trees Down Here

Ben Rivers Birlesik Krallik, 2018

İzlemek için 5 gün
New York Film
Festival's Projections

Continuing our series of visionary films from the NYFF’s Projections sidebar is a new work by Ben Rivers. Shot on 16mm and co-produced by MUBI & 6a Architects, it playfully captures the delicate balance not just between past design and new innovation, but between human creation and that of nature.

Episode of the Sea

Lonnie van Brummelen, Siebren de Haan Hollanda, 2014

İzlemek için 4 gün

A stunning portrait of a unique place and a people, this documentary is the result of a remarkable collaboration between filmmakers and their subjects. Together, they unconventionally showcase the skill, fortitude and resilience of a working community beset by the challenges of a changing world.


David Cronenberg Kanada, 1975

İzlemek için 3 gün
Horrific October

David Cronenberg is one of Canada’s most prodigious artists for good reason—his films tap into the universal subject of the potential and indeed, likely, horrors of having a body. This early film is an unrelentingly pure genre B-movie, yet also a deceptively profound expression of fleshly anxieties.

'Til Madness Do Us Part

Wang Bing Çin Hong Kong ÖYB, 2013

İzlemek için 2 gün
Chinese Independents,
Part 2

We end our series on Chinese independent cinema with a powerful and immersive film from the country’s award-winning, preeminent documentarian, Wang Bing. Here he gains access to an asylum whose use and practices beg questions that extend beyond mental health and probe the very nature of freedom.

The Wolf House

Cristóbal León, Joaquín Cociña Sili, 2018

PST gece yarısı ayrılacak

With echoes of animation giants Jan Švankmajer and the Quay Brothers, this gothic Chilean oddity is as nightmarish as cinema gets. Sinuously connecting Nazism and Pinochet, La Casa Lobo subverts the logic of fairy tales and the idea of home, to deliver a phantasmagoric allegory of terrifying beauty.

Three Quarters

Kevin Jerome Everson ABD, 2015

Philadelphia’da el hilelerinin hafifliğiyle ilgili pratik yapan iki sihirbazın 16mm çekilmiş siyah beyaz, sessiz bir filmi.

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