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Photo of Charles Gillibert
Photo of Charles Gillibert

Charles Gillibert

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    Xavier Dolan Canada, 2012

    A vibrant and baroque melodrama circling relationships, gender and love. Xavier Dolan, Canada’s resident enfant terrible, with his third film and its unyielding commitment to its central characters’ transition and plight, made perhaps his most accomplished and thematically rich film yet.

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    Gus Van Sant United States, 2007

    Following Elephant and Last Days, Gus Van Sant returned to Cannes with this dreamlike tale of guilt and loneliness in suburbia. Shot by Christopher Doyle, the legendary DP best known for his work with Wong Kar Wai, Paranoid Park is a rare, haunting immersion into youth and its deluge of emotions.


    Yolande Zauberman France, 2018

    Yolande Zauberman’s documentary is a bracing investigative exposé on a personal level. A deeply wrought story of one man’s heartbreaking trauma and confrontation with his past, the film also shockingly finds new victims inside a deeply private community. A painful revelation—it is hard to look away.


    Abdellatif Kechiche France, 2010

    Based on the shocking real-life story of Black performer Sarah Baartman, Abdellatif Kechiche (Blue is the Warmest Color) marshals a blistering critique of racism and the colonial gaze that turns us into complicit voyeurs. Featuring a truly remarkable debut performance from Yahima Torres.


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