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Photo of Martín Rejtman
Photo of Martín Rejtman

Martín Rejtman

“I tried to show things that Argentina cinema wasn’t showing. If everything was explained too much, I chose to be less discursive; if there was a lot of talking, I chose to talk less; if it was clear that there was no narrative system, that every scene was filmed as it came, I tried to be rigorous and to tell the story in a specific way.”

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    Martín Rejtman Argentina, 1999

    A timeless, minimalist deadpan comedy, this is a young woman’s deliciously eccentric quest for sense of self in a world of doppelgängers, with an unforgettable performance from Rosario Bléfari. Committed to hilarity in all forms, Martín Rejtman’s cinema conjures humor and warmth in equal measure.

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    Martín Rejtman Argentina, 2003

    Fuelled by a top-form ensemble cast, The Magic Gloves is one of Argentine auteur Martín Rejtman’s funniest films. This clever, humoros take on the mid-30s crisis is another trademark mix of absurdist charm and endearing warmth. A unique view of Buenos Aires full of lively, strange characters.


    Martín Rejtman Argentina, 1992

    Martín Rejtman’s debut is today regarded as the film that launched the New Argentine Cinema, and prefigures his trademark style of comedies imbued with a languid melancholy and hilariously deadpan humor. Presented in its recent restoration, this now-cult film is always ripe for (re)discovery.


    Martín Rejtman Argentina, 2019

    Premiering at Berlinale in 2019, this luminous short from Argentinian master of deadpan comedy Martín Rejtman . Condensing all the fine irony, absurdist humour, and unassuming warmth that defines his work into only 19 minutes, Shakti is a delightful minimalist gem.


    Martín Rejtman Argentina, 2014

    Rejtman’s comeback 11 years after The Magic Gloves did not disappoint. Taking a suicide attempt as the starting point and surprising us at every turn, Two Shots Fired is a fascinating and subversive exercise in comedy: its sophisticated storytelling, dark humor and deadpan beauty are just genius.