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Steven Soderbergh


“To me the director's job is to leave it in better shape than you found it, literally.”



At the age of 26, Steven Soderbergh permanently altered the face of independent cinema when he became the youngest-ever winner of the Palme d’Or at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival for sex, lies and videotape, his feature-film directorial debut. A simmering exploration of the nature of modern relationships and the links between sexuality and voyeurism, the film was an international sensation that established its director as one of the golden boys of world cinema. Born in Georgia on January 14, 1963, Soderbergh grew up in Baton Rouge, LA, where his father was the Dean of Louisiana State University’s College of Education. While still in high school, Soderbergh enrolled in the university’s film animation class and began making short 16 mm films with second-hand equipment. After he graduated from high school, he went to Hollywood, where he worked as a freelance editor. Soderbergh’s time in Hollywood was brief, and he soon returned home, where he continued making short films and writing scripts… read more


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reading his "state of cinema" speech...I wish he was as eloquent with his filmmaking as he is with his words. He hasn't made Cinema, to use his word, since 2000. I think it's good he bowed out of the movie business - he's a better therorist and philosopher of Cinema than he is a filmmaker. So, good call quitting directing, maybe he can save Cinema from the sidelines, instead of from the trenches.

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"Behind the Candlebra" - can't wait.

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"You’re supposed to expand your mind to fit the art, you’re not supposed to chop the art down to fit your mind."


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