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Foto von Fairuza Balk
Foto von Fairuza Balk

Fairuza Balk

“I had a hard time in my teens. It's a shock to realize you suddenly have to look like Christy Turlington. Everyone expects you to have long legs and big breasts at thirteen. I wasn't very tall but I had a voluptuous body, to put it politely.”

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    Charlie Shackleton Großbritannien, 2014

    A newly remastered version of this incantatory essay film, which slices straight to the beating heart of the teen movie. Bewitchingly narrated by The Craft’s Fairuza Balk, this ode to American coming-of-age films has an original soundtrack by Summer Camp, the duo behind Romantic Comedy.

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    Cam Archer USA, 2010

    We’re pleased to begin a new series of gems of contemporary American indie cinema, courtesy of Brooklyn-based label Factory 25! Kicking it off is Cam Archer’s Shit Year, a show-biz head trip with one foot in Warhol, one in Fellini, and a raw, unexpected lead performance by Ellen Barkin.


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