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Foto von Lee Chang-dong
Foto von Lee Chang-dong

Lee Chang-dong

“There’s no question that ‘Green Fish’ and ‘Peppermint Candy’ draw on the political and economic problems of Korea. But they weren’t my main focus. My main interest has always been human beings. I believe film is the best medium to show something about human beings.”

Im Programm


    Lee Chang-dong Südkorea, 2018

    An international arthouse hit for South Korea’s Lee Chang-dong (Poetry, Secret Sunshine), this feat of foreboding—part ghost story, part critique of contemporary capitalism—is something startling and strangely sinister. A riveting adaptation of the great Haruki Murakami, co-starring Steven Yeun.

    Zum Film


    Lee Chang-dong Südkorea, 2002

    A love story by Lee Chang-dong? Sign us up. This brave, obstinate, open-minded film looks at the romance that brews between two misfits, as they face the challenges of difference and family abandonment. Only Lee could marshall a love tale like this, wrapped in wriggle-in-your-seat discomfort!





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