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    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 2003

    A withering indictment of American social values, written and directed by a man who has never set foot in America, Lars von Trier’s Dogville is an ambitious provocation. With an all-star cast led by Nicole Kidman, this epic Brechtian drama is a raw examination of small-town hypocrisy and prejudice.


    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 2018

    A virtuosic act of defiance against his detractors, Lars Von Trier’s The House That Jack Built is a brilliant, ultra-violent portrayal of a serial killer. Starring a mesmeric Matt Dillon on terrifying form, this Dantean plunge into the mind of madness is a provocative blend of comedy and horror.


    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 1998

    A controversy stormed, the Dogme 95 movement took center stage, and an angry critic got kicked out of the Cannes screening. When the dust settled, Lars von Trier was left with this poignant, boundary-pushing film, which explores the very price of provocation. Presented here in a new restoration!


    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 1994

    Strange things are happening in the underbelly of a Danish hospital in Lars von Trier’s long unavailable cult TV phenomenon. Stunningly restored in never-before-seen versions, The Kingdom I is a wickedly funny supernatural mystery. Let the battle between good and evil commence!


    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 2005

    A difficult yet rewarding film from the equally complex Danish provocateur Lars von Trier! This fiercely polemical, little-seen sequel to Dogville tackles a topic as sensitive as slavery, all the while maintaining its predecessor’s Brechtian premise, anti-American bent, and yes, its brilliance.