Photo of Ulrich Seidl
Photo of Ulrich Seidl

Ulrich Seidl

“If I manage to make people laugh with my films and their laughter gets stuck in their throat in the next moment, if I succeed in doing that, then that makes me happy.”

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    ULRICH SEIDL Austria, 2012

    The first in the Paradise thematic trilogy, Love starts the series of darkly comic tales about the human search for happiness, making bold connections between sex tourism and globalization through the lens of aging desire. The rounded lead character of contradictions is consistently fascinating.


    ULRICH SEIDL Austria, 2012

    After Love comes Faith! The Paradise thematic trilogy heads into even more dangerous territory with the twisted middle installment’s look at extreme faith, diving forward with zero inhibitions and a positively fiendish eye for unsettling satire. One of the best films of 2012, said John Waters!


    PETER BRUNNER Austria, 2021

    Accomplishing a delicate balance between childlike wonder and rage, Franz Rogowski is transfixing in Peter Brunner’s feral parable on fanaticism and lost innocence. Enveloped in the loneliness of the Austrian Alps, this Ulrich Seidl production finds the limits of motherly love pushed to extremes.


    ULRICH SEIDL Austria, 2014

    Exploring an unseen side of Austria, provocateur Ulrich Seidl wanders into actual basements to look at the darkest desires of its inhabitants. Often hilarious and grotesque—yet somehow compassionate—this is a startling look at power dynamics, ranging from S&M to the festering seeds of fascism.


    ULRICH SEIDL Austria, 2013

    After the shocks of Faith and Love, Ulrich Seidl made possibly the most surprising decision of all: tenderness. The final film in his Paradise trilogy—and by some accounts the best—finds the provocateur at peak warmth (but still transgressive) for a brightly twisted coming of age story.


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