Photo of Wolfgang Thaler
Photo of Wolfgang Thaler

Wolfgang Thaler

'[Naji Abu Nowar on Wolfgang Thaler] Wolfgang shot some of the best night scenes that I’ve ever seen, in Theeb, not because it’s my film, but because I’m really proud of his work, I think it’s really exceptional. And I think if you put it next to certain films, you can really see the difference, and he did it with very minimal equipment.'

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    ULRICH SEIDL Austria, 2012

    The first in the Paradise thematic trilogy, Love starts the series of darkly comic tales about the human search for happiness, making bold connections between sex tourism and globalization through the lens of aging desire. The rounded lead character of contradictions is consistently fascinating.

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    ULRICH SEIDL Austria, 2012

    After Love comes Faith! The Paradise thematic trilogy heads into even more dangerous territory with the twisted middle installment’s look at extreme faith, diving forward with zero inhibitions and a positively fiendish eye for unsettling satire. One of the best films of 2012, said John Waters!


    ULRICH SEIDL Austria, 2013

    After the shocks of Faith and Love, Ulrich Seidl made possibly the most surprising decision of all: tenderness. The final film in his Paradise trilogy—and by some accounts the best—finds the provocateur at peak warmth (but still transgressive) for a brightly twisted coming of age story.


    ULRICH SEIDL Germany, 2022

    At times recalling The Wrestler in its study of chasing faded fame, Rimini is a funny, sometimes vulgar and often moving tale of people struggling towards contentment despite lifetimes of disappointment. The film is a scathing character study about how easy it can be to commodify people’s lives.


    ULRICH SEIDL Austria, 2003

    Mixing interviews with scripted monologues, this polyphonic portrait of Catholic faith is a frank, honest exploration of the relationship with God. Jesus, You Know is unafraid of portraying believers’ darker thoughts born from crises, though is wholly sympathetic to their earnest conviction.


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