Movie Poster of the Week: The Posters of the 49th New York Film Festival

A look at the posters for the films in the main slate of this year's New York Film Festival.
Adrian Curry
Carnage movie poster

The New York Film Festival opens tonight with Polanski’s Carnage and so, as I did last year, I thought I should gather together as many of the international posters for the films in the main selection as I could find. The French Carnage poster takes a rather banal multi-head concept and enlivens it with its striking candy-colored checkerboard treatment. The rest are, inevitably, a mixed bag. I present them below in alphabetical order, by their English title, but the highlights are undoubtedly the superb UK Quad for Miss Bala; the French illustration for This Is Not a Film; the German festival poster for Dreileben (a festival sidebar but I had to include it); the new campaign for Martha Marcy May Marlene (though I did also like the earlier motion poster); the US poster for Melancholia; and the teaser for Shame. From the main slate the only films I could not find posters for were Ruben Östlund’s Play (one of my personal favorites) and Nadav Lapid’s Policeman, so if anyone can help me collect the set please let me know. You can scroll through all the posters below or click on Carnage and flip through the slideshow.

4:44 Last Day on Earth movie posterCorpo Celeste movie posterA Dangerous Method movie posterDreilebn movie posterFootnote movie posterGeorge Harrison: Living in the Material World movie posterGoodbye First Love movie posterThe Kid with the Bike movie posterThe Loneliest Planet movie posterMartha Marcy May Marlene movie posterMelancholia movie posterMiss Bala movie posterMy Week with Marilyn movie posterOnce Upon a Time in Anatolia movie posterPina movie posterA Separation movie posterShame movie posterTheSleeping Sickness movie posterThe Student movie posterThis Is Not a Film movie posterThe Turin Horse movie poster

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