MUBI Podcast: Sofia Coppola—from "Virgin Suicides" to "Priscilla"

The first part of our career-spanning retrospective of Sofia Coppola’s work, tracing her films’ distinct costumes and style.
MUBI Podcast

Sofia Coppola's Priscilla (2023) will stream exclusively on MUBI starting March 1 in the UK, Germany, Turkey, India, and Latin America.

There’s maybe no working filmmaker more associated with film fashion than Sofia Coppola. But in this brief history of her super stylish body of work, we figure out the thematic stitching inside those perfect fits.

Host Rico Gagliano talks with Coppola, her brother (and collaborator) Roman, and her award-winning costume designers past and present, to learn how the director depicts her characters’ search for identity in beautiful, difficult worlds.

Season 5, titled "Tailor Made," dives deep into the worlds of film and fashion. Each episode tackles a landmark movie that captured a major fashion look of an era, and then decodes what that look meant—to the culture that spawned it, the people who wore it, and the audiences who watched it on screen.

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