Notebook Soundtrack Mix #1: "HYPER SLEEP"

The first ever Notebook Soundtrack Mix! *HYPER SLEEP* includes work that reflects jazz, classical, experimental and pop influences.
Paul Clipson

Part of our on-going series, Notebook Soundtrack Mixes.

Welcome to the first Notebook Soundtrack Mix—HYPER SLEEP! A word about the mix: There's no thematic thread through this collection, it's a variety of intriguing music. In making soundtrack mixes, I'm drawn to the subjective qualities of association and meaning that arise from experiencing the musical narratives that result from transitions and combinations of tracks in succession. Though there are several favorite films, Seijun Suzuki's Branded to Kill, for one, individual pieces are chosen simply for the music. I haven't seen some of the films. Robert Drasnin, Vladimir Cosma and Antoine Duhamel are represented with curious French T.V. work, rather than with some of their more well known output (The Kremlin Letter, Diva and Pierrot le fou, respectively.) Maybe this is the first of a series…I have several ideas for themed mixes, but wanted to start this way, including work that reflects jazz, classical, experimental and pop influences.

  1. Michel LegrandThe Go-Between, "Main Title (edit)" 0:00
  2. Dave Grusin, The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., "The Girl from Uncle Theme" 0:47
  3. Robert Drasnin, Lost in Space, "Little Joe's Yes" / "The Curse of Cousin Smith" 3:27
  4. Vladmir Cosma, La double vie de Théophraste Longuet, "Reincarnation (edit)" 4:52
  5. Antoine Duhamel, Belphégor, "Theme de Menardier" 5:21
  6. Serge Gainsbourg / Jean-Claude Vannier,Cannabis, "Premiere Blessure (edit)" 6:38
  7. John Barry, Deadfall, "The Meeting (edit)" 7:42
  8. Lalo Schifrin, THX1138, "Loneliness Sequence" 8:43
  9. John Barry, The Ipcress File, "Goodbye Harry II (edit)" 10:11
  10. John Barry, Thunderball, "Bond with Spectre Frogmen" 10:59
  11. John Barry, The Knack... and How to Get It, "Doors & Bikes and Things (edit)" 12:35
  12. Akira Ifukube, Destroy All Monsters, "The Kilaak's Essence" 13:38
  13. John Barry, Diamonds are Forever, "Following the Diamonds (edit)" 14:36
  14. Francois De Roubaix, Les aventuriers, "Casino Latino" 15:01
  15. Jerry Goldsmith, The Satan Bug, "The Empty Box" 17:00
  16. Lalo Schifrin, Dirty Harry, "Scorpio's View" 17:44
  17. Stelvio Capriani, Baron Blood, "Notturno" 20:21
  18. Stelvio Capriani, Ecologia del delitto(Twitch of the Death Nerve), "Main Title" 21:23
  19. Gil Melle, The Andromeda Strain, "Desert Trip" 23:28
  20. Michael Small, Klute, "Love Theme" 27:43
  21. Jerry Goldsmith, Alien, "Hyper Sleep" 31:30
  22. Michael Small, The Parallax View, "Morgue" 34:16  
  23. Naozumi Yamamoto, Branded to Kill, "Main Title" 35:11 
  24. Ennio Morricone, Machine Gun McCain, "La Ballata di Hank McCain" 36:48
  25. Roy BuddGet Carter, "Carter Takes a Train" 38:47
  26. Jerry GoldsmithSebastian, "The Trip" 41:47
  27. Michel Legrand,The Happy Ending, "Blowout" 44:16
  28. John Williams,The Long Goodbye, "The Long Goodbye" (performed by Jack Sheldon) 46:28
  29. Krzysztof Komeda, Barrier, "Nagrania Do Filmu "Bariera" - XII" 49:59

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