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Foto di André Turpin
Foto di André Turpin

André Turpin

“I’ve shot a lot of commercials with Alexas, and also Reds, but I’ve shot all my features in film. I think film is especially good when you’re going to extremes: when you’re shooting skies or window with bright exteriors, when it’s 7 stops over, film handles that more gracefully than digital. The other thing about film is that you have much more latitude in color correction. That’s something I know about, and I’ve spoken to color timers a lot about this. They love film for that reason. If you’re trying to do a bleach bypass or ENR look, it looks artificial on digital. But there are great movies shot on digital. The thing I find about the digital format, is that it looks great when you time it a certain way, meaning dark and desaturated. When you try different approaches, you will choose what looks best, and what looks best in digital is often very sober, dark, desaturated images. They look great. But try to do 3 Kings or The City of Lost Children, or Seven on digital! So I think that digital media is actually guiding aesthetics right now.”

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    Xavier Dolan Canada, 2019

    Premiering in Cannes, Xavier Dolan’s heartfelt new film sees the return of the beloved director before the camera. This sparkling drama is the story of a friendship between men from different classes that is challenged by the possibility of separation—and attraction. A director Q&A follows the film.

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    Denis Villeneuve Canada, 1998

    Prima di girare alcuni dei blockbuster fantascientifici più noti del XXI secolo, Villeneuve diresse questo film, influenzato dalla Nouvelle Vague. Presentato a Cannes, August 32nd on Earth contiene già tutto il notevole immaginario visivo che sarebbe diventato il marchio di fabbrica del regista.


    Denis Villeneuve, Manon Briand, Marie-Julie Dallaire e 3 altriCanada, 1996

    While not your typical anthology film, Cosmos does feature six stories from as many directors, woven together into an interconnecting whole. The most artful segment comes from an up-and-coming Denis Villeneuve, 25 years before he ventured into a less metaphorical cosmos with his adaptation of Dune.

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