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Daily Viewing. Full Trailer for Babis Makridis’s “L”

Makridis: “I like Samuel Beckett and Robert Bresson.”
The Daily

You might remember the quick teaser for Babis Makridis's feature debut, L, co-written with Efthymis Filippou (Dogtooth and Alps). It's just premiered in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition at Sundance and will screen in Competition at Rotterdam as well. Today, Quiet Earth's found and posted the full trailer, remarking that it "feels a bit like a Roy Andersson film"; Makridis tells indieWIRE, "I like Samuel Beckett and Robert Bresson."

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I like anyone who likes Bresson and Beckett, but that’s only because I’m a pretentious twat with a beard who buttons the very top button of his button-down shirts, you know the button I’m talking about, the button that buttons around your neck.
If a movie trailer is a commercial for a movie, then why are we watching a commercial before we watch the commercial? 9 times out of 10 I scream at the computer and close the window. Please find better sources for your trailers.

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