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Photo of Jim Brown
Photo of Jim Brown

Jim Brown

“(Lee Marvin's on Jim Brown performance in The Dirty Dozen: "Well, Brown's a better actor than Sir Laurence Olivier would be as a member of the Cleveland Browns"?)That's great! I never heard that one before. Lee's wild! I love him! But about what he said: Look, my parts so far haven't really demanded too much of me as an actor; I know that and I'm not trying to rush myself. What I feel I'm not ready for, I stay away from. At this point I'm relying upon my presence; I'm concentrating on acting natural; and I'm soaking up every technique I can handle from the pros. I think everyone I work with can see that I'm trying to apply myself, and they go out of their way to teach me new things. So you might call it on-the-job training. Of course, I've always tried to be good at anything I get involved in. That's another way of saying that eventually I hope to be regarded as a good professional actor—I mean by other actors. They're the best critics.”


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