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Angie Dickinson @ 80

Happy 80th, Ms Dickinson.

"In the 50s, she was Feathers, the shady lady in the classic John Wayne western Rio Bravo," Stephen Whitty wrote in the Star-Ledger last year. "In the 60s, she was Frank Sinatra's wife in Ocean's 11 (and the gun moll in a couple of hard-boiled Lee Marvin classics). In the 70s, she broke the erotic age barrier as a lusty high school teacher in Pretty Maids All in a Row, a hot bank robber in Big Bad Mama and a sexy cop on TV's Police Woman. In the 80s, she was a daring — and doomed — object of desire in Brian De Palma's classic Dressed to Kill. And, along the way, she cut a glamorous swath as Burt Bacharach's wife (and — they say — a favorite Sinatra squeeze and JFK fling). And she established a reputation for slightly naughty plain speaking — although you won't find her going the kiss-and-tell route."

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Exceptional on-screen presence since her early days in television and working with Sam Fuller in China Gate and as the voice of Yellow Moccasin in Run of the Arrow, through Don Siegel’s remake of the The Killers, Penn’s The Chase, and Boorman’s Point Blank.
One of Angie’s best films was The Sins of Rachel Cade. She was brilliant. A badly underrated performer often offered the sex bomb roles.

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