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Anticipating "Public Enemies" — Roundtable Podcast on Michael Mann's "Miami Vice"

A circle of New York film lovers gather for an impromptu discussion of Michael Mann's Miami Vice (2006).
Daniel Kasman

To warm up for last week's release of Public Enemies, a circle of New York film lovers gathered for an impromptu viewing of the theatrical cut of Michael Mann's previous movie, Miami Vice (2006).  A few even stuck around to talk about the film—including myself, Kevin Lee of Shooting Down Pictures, Keith Uhlich of The House Next Door and Time Out Magazine, Evan Davis of Film Comment, Gina Telaroli of Project Film School and Take Part, and Matt Noller of Slant Magazine.  Kevin Lee has posted a podcast of the conversation here, listen in and give us your thoughts!

For more angles on this avant-garde blockbuster, see this (thanks Ryland!) and listen to this (thanks Dave!).


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