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Berlinale 2012. Trailers for Films in Competition

Films by Petzold, the Tavianis, Chavarrías, Schmid and Wang.
The Daily

These are the trailers I've been able to find for films screening in competition at the Berlinale, which opens tomorrow and runs through February 19. If you know of others, please point us to them in a comment below. Trailers for films screening in other sections will appear in their individual entries — if they're to be found!

Barbara, Christian Petzold
(German, no subtitles)

Caesar Must Die, Paolo and Vittorio Taviani
(Italian, no subtitles)

Childish Games, Antonio Chavarrías
(Spanish, English subtitles)

Home for the Weekend, Hans-Christian Schmid
(German, no subtitles)

White Deer Plain, Wang Quanan
(Mandarin, no subtitles)

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Thanks a ton for this roundup, David. The film by the Tavianis looks the strongest among these five.
Film crew walking into frame for a trailer? Don’t know what to think.

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