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Brady Kiernan's "Stuck Between Stations"

A debut feature that offers "a gutsy break from the usual indie-romance's first-world problems."

"Richard Linklater's 1995 romantic gem Before Sunrise followed Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, portraying travelers meeting on a train, on a stroll through after-hours Vienna," begins Andy Webster in the New York Times. "In Brady Kiernan's winning debut feature, Stuck Between Stations, Casper (Sam Rosen) and Becky (Zoe Lister-Jones) take an overnight jaunt through Minneapolis. The charm, if not the history, of its principals is similar."

"A digital-video take on the old whirlwind service romance à la The Clock, Stuck Between Stations is quite proudly shot on-location in Minneapolis, where director Brady Kiernan tries manfully to find enchantment in a world-for-two pedestrian odyssey through a middle-large middle-western town," writes Nick Pinkerton in the Voice. "There's an overapplication of split-screen and woozy soundtrack cues to this end, but Lister Jones and Rosen do an appealing back-and-forth with lively dialogue, not dulled in the interest of realism. They reveal themselves as two born-privileged kids who've acquired battle scars to compare, in a denouement whose frank trauma is a gutsy break from the usual indie-romance's first-world problems."

At Brooklyn's ReRun Gastropub Theater.

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