Cahiers du Cinéma's "Top Ten 2012"

Cahiers du Cinéma's December issue has arrived, and with it the journal's annual conversation-starting top ten list, featuring not one but two nods to Abel Ferrara and topped with this year's notorious limousine-themed double bill.

The list:

1. Holy Motors, Dir. Leos Carax
2. Cosmopolis, Dir. David Cronenberg
3. Twixt, Dir. Francis Ford Coppola
4. 4:44 Last Day on Earth, Dir. Abel Ferrara
4. In Another Country, Dir. Hong Sang-Soo
4. Take Shelter, Dir. Jeff Nichols
7. Go Go Tales, Dir. Abel Ferrara
8. Tabu, Dir. Miguel Gomes
9. Faust, Dir. Alexander Sokurov
10. Keep the Lights On, Dir. Ira Sachs


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  • David Grillo


  • Wellywood Woman

    Where are the women directors? I’d love an alternative list of women…

  • Daniel Kasman

    What films do you think are missing, Welly? Judging by what’s included in this list, those polled aren’t trying to “balance” things as you suggest, 5/10 films are American!

  • Johnde

    De Palma no show!

  • Raju Roychowdhury

    What about Pieta? I would have chosen it.

  • masouraki

    really interesting movies!

  • MiticaN

    They say that other movies that received votes were those of Nadav Lapid, Joachim Trier, Leïla Kilani, Xavier Dolan, Stefano Savona, Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche.

  • d sparky

    I’m never quite on board with Cahiers du Cinéma’s picks. I thought We Have a Pope was a strange pick for 2011 too.

  • lasttimeisaw

    French spirit! I have only watched 5 out of the 10 so far, great to witness some love of TAKE SHELTER!

  • d sparky

    I don’t get the criteria for a “2012” release. Take Shelter opened at Sundance in January 2011 and makes the list, whereas there are a few 2012 Cannes films on the list too—released 16 months later. What constitutes a 2012 release?

  • Sancar Seckiner

    2 x Ferrara and no Haneke. I am not so sure about Cosmopolis.

  • Daniel Kasman

    I would assume released theatrically in France.

  • Zachary Phillip Brailsford

    This list is wonderful! Holy Motors is genius, as is 4:44. Hope to catch what I haven’t seen sometime soon!


  • Gonzelush Thompson

    Cosmopolis, really?


    Go-Go Tales? IMDB lists it as being released in 2007. Am I missing something?

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