Cannes 2012. 7 Films Added to the Lineup

György Pálfi's montage film _Final Cut_, produced by Béla Tarr, will close Cannes Classics.
David Hudson
The Daily

The Cannes Film Festival's just announced that it's added seven films to the lineup of the Official Selection.

There'll be one new Special Screening, Candida Brady's documentary about the world's waste, Trashed. Via Anthony Kaufman, here's the site.

Two Midnight Screenings: Wayne Blair's The Sapphires, about the Australian aboriginal singing group, and Franck Khalfoun's Maniac, a 3D remake starring Elijah Wood.

Three new titles will be screening in Un Certain Regard:

And finally, György Pálfi's montage film Final Cut (Hölgyeim És Uraim), produced by Béla Tarr and created out of around 400 films, will close Cannes Classics. Trailer at the top.

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