Claudia Priscilla & Kiko Goifman Introduce Their Film "Bixa Travesty"

"Uptight minds, get ready."
Claudia Priscilla and Kiko Goifman's Bixa Travesty, which is receiving an exclusive global online premiere on MUBI, is showing from November 26 – December 25, 2019 in MUBI's Viewfinder series.
Bixa Travesty
Bixa Travesty is, above all, a political film. Trans black singer Linn da Quebrada faces machismo and transphobia in their multiple forms. Linn touches wounds that are bleeding right now as we speak: old-fashioned, square mindsets in Brazil and the world are put at stake.
In her songs, speeches and daily life, Linn’s tough demeanor is introduced to us. The “transvestyte” (as she likes to spell it) is challenged in the streets. Facing prejudice, Linn moves away from the victim role and grabs her weapons. As she sings, "My black skin is my cloak of courage" or "She doesn’t want penis, she wants peace." She is a super warrior in Brazil—the country that most kills transsexuals in the whole world.
It was important to start the film’s career at the Berlin Film Festival, which is probably the most political festival in Europe, perhaps in the world. There was no better place for a world premiere—the audience went crazy and Linn’s performance at the Teddy Awards made her an overnight star. In a world where transphobia his such an important topic, Linn da Quebrada still has a lot to say. Uptight minds, get ready. Or not.


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