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Daily Briefing. Von Trier, Maddin, Refn

Even with all eyes on Venice and Telluride, a few filmmakers always know how to grab a headline.

Smack in the middle of the Labor Day weekend, there is, of course, little else going on in the film world other than Venice and Telluride … That said, Lars von Trier always gives good quote and the Independent's interview is a hit on the retweet circuit … Guy Maddin chats about his multi-channel installation Hauntings 1, on view at Platform in Winnipeg through October 2 … Seems the entire cast of Drive is eager to work with Nicolas Winding Refn again. The Playlist reports that Refn and Ryan Gosling are re-teaming for Only God Forgives and a Logan's Run remake and Albert Brooks may be writing a romantic comedy for them. And now Carey Mulligan's set to lead Refn's sex thriller, I Walk with the Dead.

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