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Daily Viewing. Figgis Interviews Lynch (2006)

Also: AnOther Magazine on Lynch's Works on Paper.

AnOther Magazine's Laura Bradley on Works on Paper by David Lynch, out now from Steidl and Fondation Cartier pour and collecting more than 500 drawings dating from the 1960s on: "He began drawing and painting in his early childhood and this vast collection of dreamlike sketches, watercolors and minimalist doodles – carefully conserved by Lynch since his adolescence and regularly used by him as a source of inspiration – offers a unique glimpse into the artist's creative process. Using all types of media, including Post-it notes, napkins and original screenplays for Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks, the diverse and complementary nature of these drawings allows us to dive into Lynch’s universe and establish links between his artwork and his films."

AnOther's also posted Mike Figgis's 2006 interview with Lynch, clearly conducted not too long after Lynch had completed Inland Empire and was more dedicated than ever to never returning to film:

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