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Issues. Chris Marker, "Amer," Liu Jiayin

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Chris Marker

Last year, many of us thrilled at the prospect of an issue of Image [&] Narrative featuring a "Thematic Cluster" on Chris Marker - only to discover that, if we didn't read French, the going would be difficult at best. But there's a new issue now, and a new Marker cluster, and a good handful of the pieces are in English. Here, for example, is Adrian Martin: "Something that is rarely said about his films, videos and installations is that they each seem to be many works compacted into one, a collage of notes, anecdotes and projects through which Marker has managed, miraculously, perhaps by chance or impulsiveness, to draw the provisional, connecting line."

Also via Catherine Grant: A new issue of FlowTV.

Offscreen's posted a new one, too, with two pieces on Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani's Amer (Donato Totaro and Simon Laperrière), Randolph Jordan's report from last October's Festival Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal, Peter Rist's list of the best films of the 00s and his interview with Liu Jiayin (Oxhide and Oxhide 2).

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