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MUBI. Now on the PlayStation 3

As of today, MUBI is live on Sony's PlayStation 3 in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia and New Zealand. Next week, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal will follow.

You can download the free MUBI application from the PlayStation Store and start watching movies you rent individually or opt for a 30-day subscription. We'll also be hand-picking films, a few at a time, that we want to show you for free. MUBI Founder and CEO Efe Cakarel spells out all the details at the PlayStation.Blog.Europe — and he's got another announcement as well. On November 20, to coincide with the world premiere of Revolución, we'll be presenting, for free, the omnibus film (with contributions from the likes of Fernando Eimbcke, Carlos Reygadas, Amat Escalante, Gerardo Naranjo and Gael García Bernal) reflecting on the 100th anniversary of the Mexican revolution. And as Efe adds, "this online premiere is just the beginning of the unique cinema events we'll host on MUBI!"

I can see this… A fat pasty pimple-faced 14 year old kid whose favorite pastimes revolve around 6 hour marathon sessions of video games and masturbation, forking down $5 to downstream Jeanne Dielman… YESSSSSSS
ps video games are an art and can be a pretty great one.
Hm, what I see, as a 51-year-old who plays games with his son (14 and, if I do say so myself, lean and mean in the best sort of way) on the PlayStation, is a little different.
Tried Little Big Planet, David? Awesome co-operative game.
I can see the chap who bought a PS3 as a nice cheap Blu-Ray player/media streamer (when it first came out anyhow) having a great time with this. People who own a Blu-Ray player like to watch movies. It’s not such a great leap is it? Also…I played games when I was a spotty 14 year old. It would have been great to have had access to Mubi back then (well, in those days we had good films on TV, so maybe not so special, but still…)
I have been looking forward to this since it was announced finally I will be able to see good Japanese films akin to Nobody Knows and Tokyo Sonata instead of my usual films @Blue K Your generalisations show how close minded you are especially since these arent 14 year old americans who will be using it as you seem to believe
And, as mentioned above, you can only fit so many black boxes under the TV in the living room. If one box can amuse the fat, pimply kids and can also be used to watch Jeanne Dielman on the big TV when said kids are sleeping so much the better.
Great news! I`ll put PS3 on top on my wishlist for christmas.
@Daniel Kasman — Agreed that videogame is art. Sadly not many is great art…. yet! Also, being in Canada sure is lame.
I use my PS3 player for Netflix streaming. It’s great. When will MUBI address its American audiences?
And again the false stereotype of the gamer comes up, in fact the majority of gamers are in their 20’s and 30’s we are not sad lonely men, It’s a legitimate source of entertainment and just like film has many different styles and genres, comparing Flower and Ico with Call of Duty and Fifa 11 is like comparing Tarkovsky with Michael Bay.
Is there going to be a MUBI app for XBOX?? Also I second the sentiments that you should cover the US too !!
Michael, I do the same. PS3 is a great system for Blu-ray and streaming, and the MUBI application sounds wonderful. Not wonderful enough to make me move to Portugal, however. Americans want to stream MUBI’s treats too!
I’d already used my PS3’s browser (before the machine, sadly, passed away) to view movies on the site prior to this app’s release. Those who still have a functioning PS3, and have been able to use this app, how does it compare to using the browser, other than (presumably) being more console-friendly?
Wish I could figure out how to get out of the app!
Hi All here, Could anyone here give an average size of the SD movie streams available for the PS3.For the people with limited broadband usage.Thanx in advance.
I’m glad is finally here I’ve been waiting for this service since it was announced at the Gamescom, just hope the community here is not filled with douches like “Blue K”. Cheers!
This is awesome stuff – I’d never heard of Mubi before today (when I saw the application pop up in the Playstation Store) but after a quick glance at the catalogue it became wonderfully apparent that Mubi is a service I’m going to get much use out of. So three cheers to Mubi and SCEE for bringing this service to PS3 owners.
I was womdering why only 465 movies out of the 17.000 was aviable but it ws sooo worth the money :)
can anybody tell me if we can watch films thats out in the cinemas now on mubi?????? thanks in advance :D
I was waiting for MUBI today on my PS3 and saw that we’ll only have it in Portugal next week. I’m sad.
Some great promise in the PS3-app; but my online-created lists & people I connected with did NOT show up in my PS3-app (??)
I know, right? Fat, pasty, pimple-faced 44 years-olds whose favorite pastimes revolve around 9 hour marathon sessions of movies and masturbation to Jeanne Dielman need to lighten up.
Just wanted to say congratulations to Mubi, efe and all. The application is tremendous on the PS3, the interface is smooth, slick and looks tremendous on my 42inch LCD. The first film I put on was 8 1/2. It looked tremendous and ran great. It’s a breeze exploring films and even looking around at other profiles. For out of the gate, it’s a tremendous start. It was painless having my old Mubi account link up aswell.
This is fantastic. I didn’t even know about this service until I read about it coming to the PS3. I’m an adult who loves both video games and the kind of movies MUBI shows. I’ve already spotted some great movies to watch. MUBI lists hundreds of movies on the PS3 although it looks as if only a few of them are available to watch (green spot over them). Will all of the movies listed be available to watch or is it just there as a list of some of the great movies?
Will the Mubi Garage be accessible on the Playstation?
“Will the Mubi Garage be accessible on the Playstation?” Additionally, will the “Ratings” and “Wall Posts” that are featured on the PC profile be coming to the PS3 profile, though I do understand you’ve only just launched on it, and not everything can be pushed out at the same time.
Can you link to your exisitng MUBI account on the PS3 ?
Tek23 on Thu 04 Nov at 10:57 AM “Can you link to your exisitng MUBI account on the PS3 ?” Yep, I just installed the app on the PS3, booted it up, and it found my PC MUBI account straight away.
I sold my PS3 last week :(
This is ace. i embrace MUBI to my PS3……..
This is sooooooooo nice O: I never thought that Mubi would turn into this. Online premiere for Revolucion, that’s AWESOME!
Out of 17000+ movies we have about 450 available here in Denmark? Out of the 450 it seems that less than 50% have danish subs? This was rather hyped and to be honest I was really looking forward to MUBI. Right now I’m just soooo dissapointed. My biggest problem is, that we don’t even have acces to the DANISH-produced material. Why cant i watch Submarino? Its in Danish for christ sake! I know MUBI is about independent movies and all, but seriously? Out of the Top 400 best rated movies here on MUBI only 8 … 8 … E-I-G-H-T! are available here in Denmark! Right now i can’t see myself recommending this to anybody. I would love to pay to watch stuff from Miyazaki, Kubrick, Nolan, Tarantino – just to name a few. To me MUBI on PS3 is a major dissapointment.
I was looking forward to mubi as well, only to find 500 or so movies availible in New Zealand, some good movies in those 500, but why are we only able to access 500 out of 18000? very dissapointed.
I was really excited to see such a service come to the PS3. So installed it directly on our PS3 and wanted to view a Brazilian movie.. But as it seems, lots of movies there only a few that we can choose from and watch. Why is this restriction there? I was going to spend that 13 Euro for watching some movies but now i just wont.
Love Mubi, wish we could have an all films all regions thing… thing just don’t work like that unfortunately
Just to clarify a distinction, MUBI is both a library of films to watch, as well as a database of films for informational and interactive purposes. We currently have 300+ titles available to view in almost every country in the world; the database of titles is unrelated, and is for your use to rate, review, find information, etc.
I’m a ps3 owner since it’s release and never heard of MUBI until it was announced to run on ps3. I’ve subscribed and enjoyed my first film this evening. Can a member of MUBI staff please explain (in a comment post right here preferably) why we only have access to around 400 lesser know foreign films when viewing via ps3 instead of the entire MUBI film catalogue ??? Thanks in advance !
I would also like to ask why the PS3 has a limited film database. Additionally, cant we just log onto the Mubi website from the PS3 web browser and have access to all the movies from the site that way? Whats the difference between the Mubi application and just going direct via the ps3 web browser? Thanks!
I think this a great idea, but £9.99 per month?????
Hi Wandering and Phibulus. As I said above your comment, there are two parts of MUBI, the library of films available to watch, and a database that’s for the social network, for interacting with, and for information. So the 400 choice titles are not a “limited” selection but the full, constantly growing curated library of independent, international and classic films. Pibulus: you can indeed use the PS3 browser instead of the application (and users not in the launch countries can do this now), but the application is easier to use and streamlines the interface.
When will a decent range of films be available in Ireland, and why does it always seem to take so long with Ireland for these types of things
Movie companies – like SONY is so afraid of Internet and doesn’t want their movies to be easliy available. Independant producers see’s this as a way to distribute their content that find’s it hard to find it’s viewers. As said before, until the big companies has made it easy for people to watch any film at any time using internet people will continue stealing movies using peer-to-peer applications. Movie companies – wake up before it’s to late!!
and do not divide the world in to different areas. One area that can see a movie and another that can’t (just because of badly signed agreements with distributors)
How can we link original accounts through on the PS3 app. Also would it make a difference that I use FB to login via the original account.
It’s worth noting that the Mubi application on the UK store seems to work mostly okay for me in the US – I wasn’t able to buy a subscription (no SKU on the US store, I’d imagine) but I was able to browse and watch the free stuff without a problem. It’s a pretty glorious application, and I look forward to service expanding. Is an official US PS3 launch coming eventually?
just got mubi on ps3 none of the movies in there liberay work only the free 500 titles they have on watch nice movie list though lol i fell like ive been had i payed my subscription for one mounth so if nothing changes till then by that i mean if theres nothing available to watch and nothing change then im giving up my subscription and ill never think of mubi again :)
Hi Evana, You are confusing the library (WATCH) with the database of titles (DISCOVER). Please see my response above to that issue.
Lars Von Trier or Call of Duty Black Ops?
Are you saying the new CoD is the LvT of the video game world? Interesting!
Daniel Kasman wrote: “You are confusing the library (WATCH) with the database of titles (DISCOVER). Please see my response above to that issue.” I think the MUBI PS3 application is largely at fault for causing this confusion, because it doesn’t clearly tell that DISCOVER is actually a database and a separate entry from WATCH. In the application, when I move the cursor to WATCH, it states “Browse all of the films available to watch in the MUBI library” but when I move the cursor to DISCOVER it states “Browse through the entire MUBI library”, so both entries mention the word ‘library’ and it’s logical to think that they mean the same library, but then “Why two entries to the same library?”, I’m thinking. I press X to go to WATCH page on which reads “see all films available to watch on MUBI in your region”, therefore I’m thinking “Ahha, predictable, here in Finland we have only 472 films available out of all those 17000 or so titles. I think I’ll drink myself to oblivion.” I think that the PS3 application needs some clarification because the wording now is a bit vague and seems to cause misunderstandings. Make it clear on the menu that DISCOVER is simply a database of movies and that the majority of those titles can’t be rented through MUBI. Thanks.
Hmm. Interesting application. I can’t remember having heard of MUBI before (I wasn’t really interested in online movie rental before), but I like the fact that there’s so much more variety in movies compared to Xbox Live’s Zune movie service, at least here in Finland. I’m not interested in social networks and IMDB provides a good database so it’s the films available on MUBI that I’m only interested about. How often do movies get added to the service? And how many are added at the same time? When can I expect to be able to rent any one of the films on your database ;-) Looking forward to MUBI and what it has to offer. Thanks.
@blue k really? people like you still exist?
@ JokuIhm​inen I Totally agree with you! I went to this site to find out why I couldn’t see, some of the movies on my PS3, looking for a FAQ or something. The PS3 menus are not very clear, and can easily be misunderstood! Mubi could miss out on a lot of people who get frustrated and wont come back to the service, if they don’t specify very clear that its not a full viewable database!
Hoping there might be something in the works for Canada!
I see this working… if all the movies listed are here. The old Playstation Network movies were terrible, there was nothing for me. This on the other hand might just work. I refuse to get Sky, so this along with my AppleTV gives me everything I need. I can still buy Blu Rays of my favourites for the extras etc…. Great stuff! J
what I see is myself, a 27 years old professionist in media and tv, who enjoys watching good cinema and playing videogames, spending money for a service that could provide me good movies to watch both with my wife (or fianceè or whatever) and if there is something good for him even with my 6 year old son. Videogames are not necessarily for 14 years old, you know….
New to this mubi thing having joined through PS3. im a huge fan of movies as well as a gamer so this sounds great. Inaction with gamers might also be educational for indivuduals such as “the custodian of cinema” who appear to hold stereotypical and patronising views regarding gamers, heres hoping!
I think this will be a brilliant application, although I think there could be more explanatory information on the website, particularly to differentiate between the ‘Watch’ and ‘Discover’ sections. Apologiees for carping. As I say, I think it’s a great application. Already looking forward to streaming ‘The Lost World’ and ‘Der Golem’. I note that there are 483 films available to watch online. Will this library grow over time?
How can I sign in with my existing MUBI account rather than have the application create a new account for me with my PSN email address?
Playstation 3 – It Only Does Everything. I like this idea of having a cinema on my PS3. Price is right, the duration of rental is right, lots of interesting stuff around, so I´m quite pleased with this. I only hope it does not end like Vidzone, which became a commercialism pop crap.
Excellent! and the design is simple and beautiful, very classy!
Je suis très décidé à m’abonner… quand j’aurai accès à tous les films, et pas aux 300 pauvres films qu’on nous propose en France.
Like it is said up here, the movies proposed are for some very interesting, for others very hard to find and it is a delight to see them here. But the French (european ?) database is way too short. Something else about the free movies links on the ps3 : Three of them are really free, one is just a preview and the others are juste informations. But, this is a great opportunity and something I would never have expected to come to ps3. Thanks a lot.
this service wants to sell you a poor selection of old movies in horrible quality with terrible navigation. no thx!
Though I’ve been enjoying my subscription I have fairly mixed feelings about the catalog. So many big gaps in what I’d like in a service with MUBIs aims. So little Chinese, Japanese and Australian content. So little animation. I do also wish there was a way to create a queue of things to watch, and that new additions of content was made much clearer.
Way don’t MUBI have a’ free movie search in SonyPlaystation 3 ????
When can we expect to be hable to watch MUBI’s movies on Playstation 3 in CANADA!!!!!???? PLEASE!
I used my other Indian PSN account to download MUBI and in order to watch MUBI on PS3 in the Philippines and Canada. Already have on PSN in India? Can you please put MUBI on PSN apps (SCEAsia, SCEA, SCEJ and SCEK) anywhere in the world please????????? BTW, MUBI is currently available on SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) countries including India, Middle East, Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) and Europe. Thanks.

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