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MUBI Podcast: Audiences Find Themselves in Andrea Arnold’s "Cow"

The MUBI Podcast returns this week with a special episode on Andrea Arnold’s immersive and emotional look at the life of a farm animal.
Andrea Arnold's Cow is now showing in select UK cinemas and will be exclusively streaming on MUBI in many countries starting February 11, 2022 in the series Luminaries. MUBI is also showing a series of Arnold's short films, available now in many countries, and in the US in April.
MUBI Podcast: Special Episode — Andrea Arnold
The MUBI Podcast returns with a special episode. Host Rico Gagliano speaks with Oscar-winning filmmaker Andrea Arnold (American Honey, Fish Tank) about Cow—her gripping debut documentary chronicling the life of a single dairy cow.
In the interview, Arnold opens up about the deeply personal interpretations audiences have brought to the nearly dialogue-free film, and how making it has affected her own interactions with creatures great and small.
Listen to the special episode below or wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe on your preferred podcast app to stay tuned for more bonus episodes and the upcoming second season of the show:


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