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New Issues, New Models: Filmmaker, Cinephile, Sound Scripts

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Sundance 2010

So, the Golden Globes. Here yesterday, gone today, and now, during the short week ahead, we can go back to getting on with 2010. There'll likely be lineup announcements from the Berlinale, and of course, Sundance opens on Thursday.

In preparation, you might want to spend an hour with Alison Willmore and Matt Singer: "This week on the IFC News podcast, we go over what happens at the Sundance Film Festival, break down why it's even more important as a market for small distributors to find films to put in theaters, and give our picks of what looks more interesting (or most terminally Sundancey) this year."

The new Winter 2010 issue of Filmmaker is out, and here's Anthony Kaufman: "Everyone knows about the passing of that once-established indie film paradigm: Make a movie, show it at a festival, sell it to a distributor, get it booked in theaters, watch it find a home on DVD and cable - and then somewhere down the line, after all the release expenses are recovered, maybe even rake in a few bucks. And yet, when talking to filmmakers and sales reps heading into this year's Sundance, it's shocking how few are following new distribution strategies."

Perhaps they should be listening to consultants like Peter Broderick and Jon Reiss; the New York Times' Manohla Dargis has been, and she points to signs of an emerging "virtual infrastructure" that "doesn't compete with Hollywood; this isn't about vying with products released by multinational corporations. It is instead about the creation and sustenance of a viable, artist-based alternative - one that, at this stage, looks markedly different from what has often been passed off as independent cinema over the past 20 years."

Back to Filmmaker, then, because editor Scott Macaulay gathers three related pieces on DIY distribution from past issues in one blog entry. In the current issue, Lance Weiler approaches that "virtual infrastructure" from another angle - that of the viewer: "How people are posting, commenting and clicking will greatly impact the ways films are created, curated and shared over the next decade."

As for films as we know them right now, the new Filmmaker features three interviews: Jason Guerrasio with Terry Gilliam (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus), Peter Bowen with Tom Ford (A Single Man) and Scott Macaulay with Don Argott (The Art of the Steal).

Speaking of new issues, Catherine Grant points to not one but two from Cinephile: The University of British Columbia's Film Journal: "'Far From Hollywood - Alternative World Cinema"; and "The Scene," an issue featuring clips with each article. Also via Catherine's Film Studies for Free: Volume 2 of Sound Scripts, available as a PDF, the "Proceedings of the Totally Huge New Music Festival Conference."

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