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New York Film Festival's Projections Redux on MUBI

Presenting four adventurous shorts films from the New York Film Festival, in partnership with Film Society of Lincoln Center.
MUBI is continuing its partnership with New York's Film Society of Lincoln Center to present online selections from the New York Film Festival's Projections section, showing a stunning collection of highlights from last year's edition. Past collaborations with the Film Society provided online audiences access to a retrospective from the NYFF's 2014 Projections section, their Friends with Benefits series, and their Art of the Real festival.
We covered Projections as it happened in New York, and now MUBI will exclusively be showing the following features direct from the festival in most countries around the world:
A Distant Episode (Ben Rivers, United Kingdom), 23 May
Shot on the otherworldly beaches of Morocco in silvery 16mm Scope, the film transforms behind-the-scenes footage (of Shezad Dawood’s production of Towards the Possible Film commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella) into a dreamy film fragment depicting sci-fi incursions into a mythic landscape.
Occidente (Ana Vaz, France/Portugal), 24 May
An ecology of signs lurking amid seductive 16mm travel footage echoes with post-colonial reverberations in Ana Vaz’s deceptively corrosive, award-winning Occidente.
The Two Sights (Katherin McInnis, United States), 25 May
A "false translation" of the 1,000 year old Book of Optics, which debunks theories that the eyes emit rays, or that objects project replicas of themselves, and accurately describes the strengths and weaknesses of human vision.
Neither God nor Santa Maria (Samuel M. Delgado, Helena Girón, Spain), May 26
Samuel M. Delgado and Helena Girón go in search of the last living witch in Yé, a small town on the island of Lanzarote, recuperating non-verbal histories on the verge of obsolescence and evoking an eerie, otherworldly atmosphere where oblivion looms.
Night without Distance (Lois Patiño, Portugal), 27 May
The Gerês Mountain separates Portugal from Galicia. It knows no borders, and rocks cross from one country to another with insolence. Smugglers also disobey this separation, waiting for the night to cross the distance that separates them.


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