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On Robert Bresson's 110th, Cahiers in English #8

Another generous post from _Letters to Jane_ gives us Godard and Delahaye's lengthy interview with Bresson.
David Hudson

Via Emissions in the Dark comes word of an amazing followup to Thursday's terrific find: Letters to Jane has posted another freely downloadable issue of Cahiers du Cinéma in English. Issue 8, which appeared in February 1967, features Jean-Luc Godard and Michel Delahaye's lengthy interview with Robert Bresson, conducted the previous year. As Emissions points out, we're doubly blessed, as today marks the 110th anniversary of Bresson's birth.

Also in this issue: Two pieces on Joseph L Mankiewicz, three on Milos Forman, two on Resnais's La Guerre est finie (1966) and another "Council of Ten" chart, all wrapped up with Andrew Sarris's closing editorial.

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